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  1. I would def. Bet here to protect my Hand. Villian could easily have a straight draw/one pair.Why would we want to give villian a free card?I would bet ($60) Turn (to get value on any straight draw/pairs he would want to call with, that I won't otherwise get by checking)I want to be the aggressor. And NOT get in a defensive mode and having villian be in control of the pot by checking. + If I had a choice to be betting lets say "$45" or calling $45. Wise and most beneficial choice would def. Be Betting.Then I would proceed to check river or fold to a bet.
  2. wait a sec... Did I miss the joke? I found nothing Funny about this hand
  3. I never understood it, which is very comical. In these games theirs always a few that will try to be tricky in these tight/passive tables and check tp, and then donate all their chips on the turn/river because they gave another player a shot to hit their gut-shot/straight or even two pair.And these same players are the ones whining how "unlucky" they are. Not unlucky simply play bad. Its not the cards its the player.fold a-10 o utg. And if you hit 2 pair, Pot it! You only have urself to blame in regards to most of the "suck outs"btw find a better table if ur playing with rocks.
  4. The thing that I have noticed in my play that I have been consciously working on.Is getting Max value of the prem. hands that I get/flops that I hit. (because in NL one doesn't play too mny big pots and when a player does he/she should get max value out of it to increase ones BB/100)As Played I would bet 3/4 on the pot on river. From what I've learned is that if villain is going to call you or fold it don't matter if you bet less than pot or 3/4 even up to a pot bet. villain has already made their decision.Now get value on it!
  5. From my experience, it all boils down to the coordination of the flop.as well as the players that limped/called. (specifically what are these players limping with?)from my experience, its either small pp's or suited anything or even those type of players that will limp/call with K-10+AJ.If checked around, I usually bet 50% of the time 3 way, and 90% of the time heads up.Just my 2 cents. and I agree with you I tend to enjoy live play vs. online.
  6. Easy fold. At best you're chopping here.
  7. I was playing similar game last night at a local casino.I usually play my premium hands strong. My bets pre-flop range from $12-$25.I go into the mentality is that if I'm going to get involved and others want to join, were playing for stacks.(and I'm not surprised that I still get callers, not going to have a weak mentality in thinking "don't want to scare anyone off)So in hand #1. I would've made it $15, and in that flop I would've over potted, since theirs a draw out their, and has def. hit someone.If c/r (depending on the player, I would push all in or fold)Hand #2If I put this player on "
  8. Day 1: -5 buy insDay 2: -2 buy insNow, with this games its like a raise/continuation bet is already 40% of the buy in, since the blinds are 3-5 normal raise between $15-$30 pre-flop.I have 14 buy ins left for this game.Specific hands, nothing that I could re-call that was out of line, except the amount I bluffed which was read dependent, yet villian did call me down with tp/very weak kicker. Besides that..I"m just confused, obviously and baffled.
  9. Okay,I played at the commerce over the weekend, and sat down at the $200 max NL tables. blinds are 3-5, and when I get down to about $100 I usually add another $100.been a couple times that I was down to less than $100, and re-loaded another $200 which one could do.Well, I lost 7 buy ins. Possible contributing factors,1. Had my wife their, (I kept worrying how she was doing, not bored ect. btw this trip was meant to jst play poker, she understood-yet still worried about her well being...)2. I played 2 sessions both lasted more than 8hrs, usually my winning sessions last between 2-6hrs.3. I blu
  10. You're out of position. I personally like to raise it even LARGER when oop in order to pick up the pot right their, or get it heads up.And in regards to not wanting to play a big pot, with ak, oop I recommend folding oop then. why play it?And whoever mentioned that this weakish raise, is to avoid "scaring" this lag. wow. r u 4real? That comment makes no sense. what r we trying to archive here then?if we wanted that, then doesn't it make sense to simply call the raise, and c/c like a weak/tightish nit? lol
  11. This stuck out. You already know that if you're going to tangle with this player, its going to be fireworks.Make a raise to $400-$500 total.I've read your previous post in regards to the bike, and I see a pattern in regards to your weak raises.I say, go back to the $5-$5 game.
  12. You play at the bike? Donkish games eh? From experience I noticed, at the commerce more table selection in search of the donks when the table tightens up at time. whats your intake?Now, in regards to the OP. My brother plays regularly in the 5/10NL Bike game, and hand #2 smells like 2 pair, the min. raise on the flop was very weak that these players would've easily called your flop bet, w/ any pair in hopes to hit 2 pair to stack you.Keep in mind. this is Deep Stack Poker.gl
  13. Well I'm just assuming if turn is a 2(deuce) for example. So, thinking back I could've bet $15get 2 callersand on the turn Bet $40-$50Well.I folded and BB claimed to have folded 6-7 (for open ender)(button) uknown.I spoke with another player who plays 5/10 regularly. And he stated that I could've made a continuation bet on the turn of $75.Yet, what would I do on the river? Thinking back it is live, and their both passive. And I"m sure If either of them bets/raises on River. I'm most likely beat.Again, looking back that $40 did seem pretty weakish. but in retrospect my hand was very transparent
  14. Okay, lets say we do call/Bet $40-$50 on turn.How do go forward with the river? c/fc/cb/fKeep in mind that (Button) Has roughly $100 left after that bet on turn.BB has me covered.tx
  15. I bet the turn to make it easier to play, (my thought process at the time)vs.c/r will make it more difficult since I"m playing to big of a pot w/ tpokay, Flop K-8-5 ($19 pot)Turn: Q ($94 pot)Hero: ChecksBB: ChecksButton: Bets $40Hero?
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