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  1. Lawon is dumb/stupid.Also, my girlfriend voted for Brendan to come back only because she thought that Rachel was going to get voted out for sure and it would have been super awesome to see what happens when/if Brendan and Rachel had to compete against each other and the ensuing "I love you Rachel, I'm going to lose for you!" or "I love you Brendan, I'll let you win to take my place in the house!"...
  2. BTW I picked up that used PS3 off of Craig's List and it works perfect. One of the controller is a little messed up, but not a big deal. Now just waiting for PSN to get back up!!!!
  3. My PS3 got hit with the YLOD a few weeks ago and I've tried repairing it a few times but it'll only last for like 30mins before it dies again. So, I've been looking to getting a PS3 slim. I'm considering exchanging a Boost Mobile Motorola i1 phone (I bought for $350 from Best Buy) that I used for 3 months for a PS3 so I've been checking around on Craig's List to see if anyone would exchange.I found a guy this morning on CL that said he has a 3 week old 320GB PS3 slim that he wants to exchange for a Motorola i1 phone and he left his cell number on the listing and said to text him.I text him a
  4. Black Ops Zombie video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPSnd6c49Qw
  5. I'm setting up a new Full Tilt Poker account under my girl friend's name. Can someone give me a good rakeback site? Also, would it require that she deposit right away? Can we set up the account using a rakeback service but not deposit right away?Thanks!
  6. Really good movie... Here is Dileep Rao's (The Chemist) answers to your questions about Inception...***SPOILER ALERT*** Do not click on the link below if you haven't seen the movie!http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/...ao_answers.html
  7. It's actually a very fun and time consuming game. It's a "defend the house" from attackers game. I downloaded it only because of the excellent review ratings it had.
  8. Anyone playing Plants vs Zombies? I can't get past Adventure 4-3. Any suggestions on which plants to select?
  9. I'm open to other suggestions of gifts if anyone has any good ideas. I don't want to just come out and ask her what she wants and these are just the things that she's expressed interest in. This could work... Except how would it work if I uploaded the music from my itunes and then she wants to sync the iPod with her itunes afterwards?
  10. Funny....I'm smart like that though, I double check before checking out...
  11. Ok, so I've been going out with this girl for the last two months and I want to know what you guys think I should buy her as a Christmas gift. We've gone out at least a few times a week since we started seeing each other. For the most part I pay for our activities but on a handful of occasions she insisted on picking up the tab.I don't want to spend too much and set her expectations too high for future gifts. Here are the choices and reasons why they made my list of gifts for her.Magic Bullet (Cheap gift $55) - The other day while we were at Target she saw the Magic Bullet and said oh I rea
  12. I never really got into PC gaming at all. I'm a PS3 kinda guy... What advantage does a mouse bring to the game? If I'm playing MW2 on PS3 is it worth it to try to convert to a mouse and keyboard?
  13. Is anyone else having problems inviting friends to play together on MW2? I always get an error and so do my friends when we try to accept each others invites.
  14. Ok, this was a good movie. The only thing that pissed me off was:
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