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  1. Wouldn't make sense if this was a cash game
  2. Why is right, what a donk fest!
  3. Anyone playing in it tonight?
  4. Good luck, what are the payouts?
  5. Anyone going to play the FTP double deuce today?
  6. Out in 5th AA<QK. I popped it pre-flop, he re-raised I just smooth called hoping to look weak, ended up weak on the flop! Should have pushed.
  7. First time back almost a year, rolling around in 2nd place with 5 left. 63,894 total, leader has 94k..... GOOOOOOOOOOOO Rail plz for some luck! PokerStars, Mkasner
  8. No not at all, Just figured with it being christmas and all i would ask!
  9. I can play now as well. Lakers rule and so do xmas stakes
  10. I dont want a stake but will you make a "i got scammed" thread anyways? Maybe it will beat the other one going
  11. Bank does not approve the checking account or I def, would
  12. I have not deposited onto PS in awhile, since they pretty much made it impossible for US players to deposit. But is there a way of getting monies on there. All credit/debit cards are declined. PS sent me an email about some form of a pre-paid card.... any idea's?
  13. Out my two pair vs his rivered flush........ sigh
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