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  1. You're definitely in the wrong for making that comment on twitter. At the same time, NNB has said some douchey things in the past as well, but that doesn't make you right. You were out of line.
  2. I was a few tables over from the incident when it happened. His barking was mad annoying.
  3. Going into day 3 with 97,900. My peak was 155k, but I had my table break in the last hour and lost a third of my stack at the new table right before the day ended.
  4. I finished day 1b with 41,775 and am playing tomorrow as well. With 105 BBs, I have a lot of room to work with, but I have Jason Dewitt three to my right with a 150k stack.
  5. Probably the most simple advice and probably the best as well.
  6. Anyone who was fortunate enough to be grinding in 2005/2006 so that they could be around when the higher stakes games were running to vault them into nosebleeds.
  7. About point 1, you didn't introduce yourself at all. I just thought you were some random attempting to shit talk in chat.
  8. I posted the hand that you were complaining about and apparently my ego is made of glass? I guess you got me though. You trolled me good. If by troll you mean, you called me out and insulted me for no reason. Then after I clarify the situation, you then use some weird logic that somehow makes your brain think that you owned me before then making a lame excuse for why you played a hand poorly. All because of your inability to handle a "beat" at the table, evidenced by all of the whining you did in chat afterwards.
  9. I'm sorry you cry about standard hands? Seriously? We can let the forum decide.Full Tilt Poker Game #20435936776: Daily Double - A (155579895), Table 81 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:16:45 ET - 2010/04/28Seat 1: gawyn (2,995)Seat 2: Xorc1st (2,055)Seat 3: lrtravelbabe (1,100)Seat 4: anson_zhou226 (2,595)Seat 5: DaemonReich (1,950)Seat 6: DWilliams (2,015)Seat 8: Snamuh (1,780)Seat 9: teagodm (1,500)DWilliams posts the small blind of 15Snamuh posts the big blind of 30The button is in seat #5*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Snamuh [7s 7h]teagodm foldsgawyn foldsXorc1st foldslrtravelbabe foldsanson
  10. I haven't played there since the end of 2008, but I kept mid 5 figure sums on their site and never had any problems. Their customer support was actually far better than FTP's in my experience.
  11. There's still a lot of great information to be absorbed from 2p2, regardless of the number of idiots and trolls. But yeah, sometimes it's like trying to find the needle in the haystack.
  12. I'm assuming this is a joke because this actually happened (not sure if you knew?).
  13. http://irregardlessly.com/Looks like I missed some good drama! Max is right though.
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