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  1. Cool, decision made then.Thank you.
  2. Guys, I notice in the videos that the guy uses first PT2, then PT3.He has the stats colour coded.Example:VPIP: 40(this will be green)VPIP: 20(this will be orange)VPIP: 9(this will be red)This seems like a great feature. I imagine that sometimes, if its all just 1 colour, then at times(in the begining) I could well struggle with what these numbers mean. The colours help enormously as I watch these videos and I feel would be a good idea to use during play.Are the stats colour co-ordinated on HEM also?Am I wrong in thinking I need them to be?
  3. Reasoning?Does it do anything that PT3 doesnt?
  4. Thanks for the reply.Is it possible to suffer any compatability issues. Do all poker sites accept the use of these softwares?I like the look of the PT3 layout in the videos on pokersavvy+. Looks far simpler, more understandable to a relative noob like me.Also the Table finding option looks very good in PT. Does HEM offer this also?
  5. Im sure this has been asked a million times. So I do apologise.Im about to sign up for a year on pokersavvy+, and they are giving either HEM or PT3 away for free.With absolutely no knowledge or experience of these 2 peices of software. I will be playing mainly on PS and FTP(if this makes a difference) as well as an English site most of you will know little to nothing about called Ladbrokes.Which should I get?Also, what other poker software should I be looking into?Thank you in advance for the help.
  6. CardPlayer updates are terrible so far. They have had DN on 155k for 3 hours. Yet his twitter reported 93k.Just read a hand with Paul Wasicka where his A(d)K(h) beat Slaubaugh's J(h)9(h) on a 9(h)5©5(d)T(h)6(d) board. ???"Mortensen Takes a HitCarlos Mortensen raised to 7,800 preflop under the gun and both the button and Jim Bechtel (small blind) made the call. The flop was dealt J43 and Mortensen bet 10,000. The button made the call and Bechtel mucked. The turn and river were dealt 6 and 4 and both players checked each street. The button turned over J10 and Mortensen mucked. The Matador was do
  7. And its 90 minute levels throughout?Well that looks like a fantastic structure. Makes you wonder why the play at the final table is always so fast.
  8. What is it about the WPT that starts off so deep, yet ends at such a crap-shoot?DN is the early Chip Leader!
  9. Looks like I have completely hijacked this thread now. Sorry to the poster. I hope the information these gents gave me is somehow relevant to yourself.Thanks guys.
  10. DN's book?I find it interesting, in DN's own forums that the majority tip AGAINST using PokerVT.
  11. I replied to your PM, but its not in my sent box. If you got it, ignore this, if you didnt, please PM me again.Sorry
  12. Im no expert on this, but you won that seat, which means you won the money equivelant, its your money.I think you are fine to do that, and if you arent, well you should be, LOL
  13. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I am heading over there now to take a look.Is there a referal option?...If there is please PM me your details and I will give you the referal, only fair!Again, thanks!
  14. Yea that is one of my problems. I am a huge Math guy as I have a mathematics degree, but I find it hard to apply the fundamentals because of the structure of most of the tournaments I play.Is there a sign up fee for PokerSavvy?I could afford to pay it, but it would mean me cutting down on actually playing the game. Which is the opposite of what I want to do, I want to play more, not less.Would be interested which people think is the best before I just plunge in.EDIT - Do any of them use PayPal?
  15. I cant work out if you are being serious or if your giving me bad information based on the way this thread played out.All I can say is I hate the way this thread advanced. I dont enjoy wasting my time arguing on the internet.Back to the point, If I get 3 bet, then shove. I am certain my opponent is pot committed.
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