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  1. ddf13 (w) turtle And he is an idiot because while he posts all this stuff we all laugh at his stupidity and he doesnt realize it? lol idk just thought this thread deserved at least one attempt
  2. Out thanks for the stake... a9<jj card dead the whole time will run better next time
  3. recieved and in. thanks will try and run good
  4. I will play if chosen.. ddf13 (w) and turtle
  5. I know its 10 days away but just thought i would post the schedule for it anyway. Who's in this? gonna try and play at least 10 eventsMini Series of Poker Schedule Event Date Time Game Guarantee 1 May 28th, Friday 15:20 ET $5+$0.50No Limit Hold 'em $40,000 2 May 28th, Friday 20:20 ET $500+$357-Game $150,000 3 May 29th, Saturday 15:20 ET $10+$1No Limit Hold 'em $75,000 4 May 30th, Sunday 20:20 ET $15+$1.50Omaha Hi/Low $20,000 5 May 31st, Monday 15:20 ET $15+$1.50No Limit Hold 'em $50,000 6 June 1st, Tuesday 15:30 ET $50+$5No Limit Hold 'em shootout $35,000 7 June 1st, Tuesday 20:20 ET $25+$
  6. We may not do much here at FCP but we have fun lol
  7. in the 1/4 mill. and bunch of other micro stuff. good luck all
  8. Am i the only one that is starting to hate these things lol? Such a grind
  9. 12k at break. got to make something happen maybe i can pick up AA afte beak first hand lol.. well i can dream right?
  10. itm but low 11k turned into fold or shove every hand
  11. 6755 so manny donks in this tounament
  12. gg sir.. wish i could final table these things, maybe one day i will learn the ways of a good poker player lol
  13. I never knew hellmuth played on stars but he is close to chipleader in event 19 h
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