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  1. Them crazy, them crazy -We gonna chase those crazyBaldheads out of town;Chase those crazy baldheadsOut of our town.I'n'I build a cabin;I'n'I plant the corn;Didn't my people before meSlave for this country?Now you look me with that scorn,Then you eat up all my corn.We gonna chase those crazy -Chase them crazy -Chase those crazy baldheads out of town!Build your penitentiary, we build your schools,Brainwash education to make us the fools.Hate is your reward for our love,Telling us of your God above.We gonna chase those crazy -Chase those crazy bunkheads -Chase those crazy baldheads out of the tow
  2. OR we get rid of minimum wage and let those people who don't have jobs ... oh I don't know WORK for a living instead of living off the government dole. I'm not saying that we pay them $5 / day or anything as the dollar goes further in China, but we do need to make people start to sacrifice something. If people really do want to work then let them work. Just let them know that you will actually have to work. I posted something a while back saying that if we could get people off of welfare and let them know that they can either start to starve to death, live on the streets, or maybe work in
  3. That is how they will justify it. They will say that they couldn't do it in such a recessed economy but since the economy will *crosses fingers* be healthier in the future then Americans will be able to handle more taxes.
  4. So what would it take to get America back to production mode. Should we decrease the min wage requirements? Should people start to realize that it is not a "right" to have a cushy office job getting paid to do nothing? Do we need to offer tax breaks to those who wish to open a major production plant while at the same time taxing the hedge fund/wall street more (I don't know the current rate)? I think we need to do a major overhaul of America. If more and more companies are moving the workforce overseas then we need to find a way to get them back!Back story to this post. Nike has awesome
  5. So you don't agree that the health bill was raping america? Okay I can live with that.You agree that Trillion dollar defecits are the way back to a healthy america? I got major problems with this, but I felt the same way when good ol Bush was defecit spending to finance a war we shouldn't have been in and bailing out companies. Basically I am a fiscal conservative and any defecit to me is bad news. I understand that sometimes you have to borrow money to get things going, but the way things have been going for the last 10 years is pretty rediculous.Also, don't you agree that we should start
  6. Maybe they should give back to the country that made them so great. and by that I mean send every person in america $34.36.I'm anxiously waiting.
  7. Just watched Scott Pilgrim vs The WorldI actually liked the movie a lot. Although it would have been way better if I would have smoked a HUGE blunt beforehand!
  8. I've heard that whores will take chips as payment. Maybe it was just a pro poker player who couldn't get any backing so now he can sneak back into Bobby's room and start to spread the chips around, thereby getting clean chips in the exchange. But if he needed to go to those lengths then he probably isn't a winning player and therefore it would not be a good idea.
  9. 1970 Toyota HiluxDidn't quite look this clean, but it was this color green.
  10. Needs to have this done regardless. I mean if McDonalds can get a waiver ... then why can't my business get a waiver. Oh because we only employ 100 people. Then where is the cutoff and who makes that decision. If it is going to happen then make it happen to everyone. Just because some big corp can afford a loophole doesn't mean that the rest of business doesn't need a loophole. Seriously. Repeal, Rewrite, and make this "law" a good thing for the american people!
  11. The books are cool too.Watched Due Date over the weekend.Zach Galifinakas (sp) is just plan awkwardly funny, but I really hate Robert Downey jr. I'm not sure why, but he just gets on my nerves. The movie was mildy funny but in no way is it a must see in the theater.
  12. Ahh, but ass raping the american people in the form of the Health Care bill and Trillion Dollar defecits is clearly the better party to side with.Hey, I have an idea ... why don't we look beyond party lines and try to solve problems instead of casting stones back and forth. It's like a bunch of four year olds bickering over the last oreo in the bag. Fucking unconscionable cunts, Politicians are.
  13. Ah. My thoughts on that are that if you do any kind of work that is Safety Regulated by the Federal or State Governement, then you should be drug tested in order to perform your job. The reasons should be obvious. One example that I used last time was the transportation industry (Pilots, Bus and Truck Drivers, etc). However, if you are not in that field and you are not working for the government then it is up to the company.
  14. So are you agreeing that we should drug test those on welfare? My reading comprehension is low in the morning!
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