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  1. USA deserved a point and got one..you take them how they come, imo.Algeria/Slovenia is a sleeper. I thought they'd play hard the whole game because you have to think it's crucial to get 3 points since USA/England drew. Algeria has shown spurts of being dangerous but they have no central midfield and are just sending balls into the box. Algeria weak in the midfield + Slovenes weak on the wings = wins for USA and England.Will be interesting to see how the other games today turn out, because that group matches with the USA's and Englands. Serbia 2-1 Ghana. Germany always starts strong so I like t
  2. Argentina looks decent. USA 2:1 this afternoon GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. Cheers. Who saw SK 2-0 over Greece this morning? Greece looked like shyt. I did the game pick'em on ESPN as well as the bracket, and I'm in the 93rd percentile having got only one game right. Obviously a few people did pickems that went draw draw SK win? WTF.
  4. Hooray for card-happy refs again; 2 yellows in the first 25 minutes in both games.
  5. I joined the bracket.I like Mexico 2:1 SA this morning and France & Uruguay to play to a goalless draw.
  6. I'm in; I joined the group and I have to get some money back on Pstars to ship, but I will.
  7. What about taking down the pot right there against 2 overs?
  8. Hartman,I probably fold PF this deep; AJ is one of the few hands that I'd call IP here if it was suited, but dump unsuited, given the action and stack sizes. Flop I RR something small, like $60 to $100; gets rid of SB drawing (if he is) and gets more info on villain. I dump if 4-bet. Turn as played I overbet the pot and call villain's shove; SB shoving is a super-hard decision. River as played I have to call but just feel ok about it.
  9. Lighting money on fire....never getting called by a worse hand this deep. I'm only raising to ISO the PF raiser here; I'm not doing it just to build a pot with tp/tk. How is that a bizzaro straight? SB has been playing the hand exactly like he has a draw. If we RR to ISO and get 4-bet by the villain, we can pretty safely fold imo. It was luckbox to hit our A on the turn, and if that A didn't hit we lose less money folding on the flop to the 4 bet than by calling a reasonable turn bet when a 2 turns.If we can fold the turn to villain's 1/2-3/4 pot bet UI, then I can see not raising the flop.
  10. One or two more decent cashes and Durr would be about even on the bet, right? Maybe I don't realize the scale of how many people took this one..
  11. No no, this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3qQt8q62lw...feature=related
  12. Villain was a super huge idiot to do anything but call the river on the 2nd hand, and an even superer huger idiot to call your 3-bet shove, which is completely the opposite of what you did in hand 1.Hand 1 was just a spewbluff on the river, a draw got there as well as another overcard. Have a loose image much?
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure his avatar said "i hate money + value" but I wasn't completely sure.
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