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  1. From Poker newsOn Monday evening, PokerNews brought you breaking news that Phil Ivey would not be playing the 2011 World Series of Poker. Not only that, he filed a lawsuit against Tiltware, the software and marketing company for Full Tilt Poker. On Wednesday, Tiltware released a statement in response to Ivey’s actions.Before getting to the statement, we should probably let you know that Ivey has retained Las Vegas lawyer David Z. Chesnoff for this lawsuit, which was filed in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada, and can be viewed in its entirety on Scribed. Tonight’s Nightly Turbo did a
  2. I have no prob with how you have responded towards me. You actually provide good insight and thought towards your arguments. My problem is with others who disagree with me, yet don't provide any reasons why they do.
  3. I'm over it, and out of respect to KJ, have shut up about everything. Other than this, we should make all other threads have a maximum of 2 pages. That way...we can't develop a lot of meaningful discussion. I love arguing and trying to think of new ideas...but this forum has pretty much turned me into an all out douchebag. I have no more desire to analyze hands or thought processes here. So trystero and donk for life and all others that hate me can thank you.
  4. You guys are proving my point. The OP in the last thread asked a question and got some lame answers after minimal strategic talk. I give lame answers to a question KJ asks, and people respond back to that. How is that not a double standard?
  5. I wish people put more effort talking bout strategy than trying to make me look bad. I know I'm now the reason people are piling on now, but that's only bc I thought it was retarded how only 3 or 4 people gave any real feedback. It would be nice if we could talk serious strategy w more peoples thoughts and real input. Whether I agree or not doesn't matter
  6. "how can y'all still be arguing over this" "nah, think I'll just sit back and watch you and everyone else argue about this hand ad nauseum."He should take his own advice and STFU if he has nothing useful to say instead of trolling around. I'm sure KJ doesn't appreciate me filling up his strat thread with useless banter. Just like I don't appreciate people trolling in a thread that I was interested in.
  7. I play virtually all live anyways. Sort of the reason I took an interest in a Live hand that was posted. Then people like you came who play more online and had to be a dick towards me. Sure, live poker will change now....and maybe, just maybe you'll try to put a little more effort in threads that involve live hands now.
  8. I'm not talking to NA. You and him actually backed up ur arguements. I'm being a douche to those who were a douche to me w/o backing themselves up.
  9. Its perfectly ok to ignore pot sizes and ur own stack in 1/2 Live. Like, if you flop a flush, put in a quarter of ur stack, and 3 people are all in with you left to act, never call cuz ur drawing dead like 98% of the time. I mean, no one in 1/2 over values top pair or draw or anything.
  10. For the love of god, this forum blows. According to NA, it is full of geniuses and gold, therefore all strategic content about any situation has been covered. So in order for me to fit in, I have to suck co ck around here and massage everyone's nuts that agrees with the 'norm'. King James do u have the power to ban me from this so called 'forum' so I don't feel tempted to post anymore of my opinions that are obviously wrong? Because we are only allowed to have one opinion here....as shown by trystero, mtdesmoines.....dickheads that disagree with an alternative view, yet show NOTHING to back it
  11. You have contributed nothing to this thread other than "nitty old men play suited aces" If the right play is so obvious to you, and you don't feel like posting strategic content bc its such an easy fold, don't bother posting. Accept that you are right, I am wrong, and leave your close sided opinions to yourself.
  12. Based on your previous posts to this thread, I'm guessing you think I'm the one that doesn't understand the difference in agression levels? I've taken the most heat during this topic....so I'm just assuming I'm the main target here. Maybe I'm wrong.If you are talking about me or the one or two other people that MAY consider my theory on this hand...I play STRICTLY live. Live being 1/2 NL. The majority that has posted on this thread...those that advocate a fold...post very heavily in KJ's micro ONLINE thread. Make it more clear who you are talking about...and we can go from there.
  13. Because there is more to consider than "Oh theres 3 diamonds and on the board and I only have the 4th nuts so I have to fold since 3 people are all in."
  14. When James makes useless posts to a hand that I have argued about....then yes I'll "apologize" to him
  15. Sorry for debating an interesting NLHE cash hand in a NLHE CASH THREAD. Didn't know the answer was black and white.
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