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  1. BigGrease

    Iq Test/game

    I stopped on 85 yesterday but cant remember any of the passwords to skip ahead...can someone give me the password to get back there?
  2. BigGrease

    Iq Test/game

    Stopping on level 85.
  3. I did....but thats cause he dropped 30 on us when we beat them in the 1st round last year.
  4. Being a Terp, im don't really like WVU, but I absolutely hate Duke with a passion.Other than that, Duke is not good. They have no inside presence at all and Alexander should score easily. I've watched the ACC all year and and Duke is clearly overrated. Duke is going to have to go like 18/30 from 3 to have a shot.
  5. Can you swing a sack of doorknobs?
  6. Who will be the next poster in this thread?
  7. Im in. Can we enter more than one set of picks? Ill ship tomorrow on Stars.
  8. I saw a few of the skits.Jonah going out with that dude's dad was pretty funny.That Target skit was terrible.The spaceships, toddlers, jar of beer CD was okay at best.Thats all I saw.
  9. Both of those flops would bring 3 extra outs.6-8-x would work but then villian couldnt win with J high.
  10. I think you might want to double check your count.
  11. So many grundle shots in that scene. Im glad we can't compare Macy's grundle.
  12. It makes sense. The guns from that time period werent all that powerful. When Lincoln got shot in the head I think it took him several weeks to die.
  13. Used a Visa Gift Card today to deposit on full tilt. Got it at Giant.
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