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    Poker, Women, Sports, Women, Poker, Women, sports, Women,Poker, Women, Sports, Women, Poker, Women, sports, Women,Poker, Women, Sports, Women, Poker, Women, sports, Women,Poker, Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Car Accident

    ^Being American I want to be upset with this post but I can't. It's sadly accurate. POTY
  2. Living in Vegas and playing 1-2, 2-5, and dipping into 5-10 on a very rare occasion, I can say that at every level you have complete donks, and solid players. The level won't change that. Play what you are Bank Rolled to play. If you can't make money at 1-2, or 2-5, you won't make money at the higher limits either. People don't get smarter as you move up they just get richer. I used NLH stakes but the same can be said for limit (2-4, 4-8, etc etc. )
  3. As a Micro stakes player myself I will give you my thoughts. First as been said you should raise here preflop. Sure you have a small pocket pair but, no one else has raised at this point. Raise, and if nothing else narrow the field. Doing this accomplishes a couple of things. First in narrows down the hands other people can have. (Yes even at the micro stakes.) 2nd, instead of playing 3-5 people post flop you will be either heads up or against 3 in most cases. This helps you a lot. If you miss your 6, since your raised you have now aquired bluff outs. Say someone calls your raise with a h
  4. I work for Lowe's and this makes me happy that my main competition is that dumb.

    The Hideout

    This thread has indeed been going for a long long time. HOWDY
  6. Not dead, just been busy with work and not playing a lot of poker.

    The Hideout

    ZOMG my computer work again howdy
  8. But 2 out of 3 car bombs I did beat him!!!! Just thought I would go ahead and brag a bit now before he gets drunk to try and beat me again.

    The Hideout

    OMG I LOVE VEGAS. Anyway also would like to point out that I have my intrewebz back!
  10. SFAWFD

    The Hideout

    I have been packingI move WednsdaySo suck it..................No really suited come to Vegas and do your job
  11. SFAWFD

    The Hideout

    umm... hi... I know I died... but that's because I was working on getting something done... and that something was moving to Vegas... I leave this Wed and show up there the 18th of this month... once I get there and get all settled I will return on more regular basis... BTW Chrozzo if Saraha no free room it let me know! I talk to roomies and they are all for Chrozzo staying.
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