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  1. Ok, not sure where to post this, but hopefully this is the right spot.I just bought my first home, an old old house (109 years old), that I would like to get new windows on before the winter to save on utilities. A former tenant informed us that he has a bill that was almost $450 on month during the winter!!! He told us we should get new windows ASAP.The approximate window sizes are (only 4 windows total):2 - 29" x 88"2 - 34" x 77"The home is an old shotgun house and has very large windows in front.So we had 2 companies come out and give us estimates.Company A, who does most of their business
  2. Is it just me or is now a bad time to be seeking a dealer job in Las Vegas?
  3. Good advice from fighter. Especially liked this part. Learning poker is like learning just about anything else in that you get out what you put in.
  4. Yeah that's bs, I'd be pissed. On a side note, I noticed that Carbon Poker now has 'run it twice' tables. I was excited to see this the other day, I think a lot of people would want to try this kind of table after watching HSP. I played one the other day for like 45 minutes, but didn't get to run it twice b/c I was never all-in. I assume if you get all-in then you have the option to select to run it twice, and if both players choose to then the site proceeds to run it twice. That's what I am picturing anyways.
  5. The dealers at my local casino usually will keep reminding everyone to put their chips closer is they can't reach they, so I haven't received the "death glare." Usually it's only the fat dealers that complain about this.Not too many other peeves, but:Had one dealer at low-limit game (4/8, I think) that would try to guess your hand at showdown, if you everyone else folded to your bet he would guess your hand, and sometimes if you mucked a losing hand. Drove me nuts. I understand that he is a poker player and wanted to sharpen and showoff his reading skills while he worked, but I didn't want
  6. <<<< Would pay the $19.95/month membership fee to watch that.
  7. hahahahhahahaha....ummmm what?
  8. Definitions of point on the Web: * a geometric element that has position but no extension; "a point is defined by its coordinates" * the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street" * a brief version of the essential meaning of something; "get to the point"; "he missed the point of the joke"; "life has lost its point" * detail: an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole; "several of the details are similar"; "a point of information" * degree: a specific identifiable position in a c
  9. Congrats on being the featured member, and much much more congrats on going to the playboy mansion. Damn I bet that was fun, and probably spoiled you for life.
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