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  1. The best system would be to tax ebveryone 100%, then equally distribute the proceeds to all.
  2. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/47/scien...estions-494644/
  3. This is why I prefer no limit. Cause I can go all in, just like on TV.
  4. I will go with occams razor on this one. This simple little scenario has generated many pages of thoughtful analyzing. Anyone of which is only correct depending on which cards are coming up. Since ghames arent played in slow motion,I doubt anyone can really consider all options before acting. Back to good old occam. Since I prolly arent best hi, and need 4 cards for low, cya.
  5. I guess you dont think going all in with any two playing effectively
  6. i love it when posters self own. Of course the us spends more money, they dont ration it, how exactly does what you claim advance your posituion?
  7. Im guessing Pickens vision of the movie changed when he read the contents of the survival kit. "Box of chocalates, nylons, one issue prophalactics."
  8. More trivia,Buck Turgidson is a male studMuffley, the prez name is a wig used to cover pubic hairMandrake, is a root said to encourage fertility.The final warroom scene erupted in a pie throwing contest.
  9. Definitely the best.If you watch closely near the end, the russian ambassador has trouble keeping a straight face while sellers does his strangelove monologue, which by the way was completely ad libbed. A little film trivia. Kubrick tried to get airforce cooperation in the design of the aircraft, but they refused for security reasons. So the story goes that he just winged itand got so close to reality that the defense department ran an investigation into the leak of info.
  10. Kinda entertaining movie, but with more holes than swiss cheese.My favorite holes are, why would a hovering spacecraft be left untouched for twenty years. If nothing else the humans woulda gutted it for technological reasons,and would the rest of the world really just sit around and allow outer s[pace visitors be mistreated by some 2nd rate nation?
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