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  1. ok wanted to get some opinions on this.. so i bet $200 on joe cada to win at 12:1 (yeah i run good) but now i wanna hedge my bet to lock up some profit. only problem is my sportsbook has moon listed at +200 to win, i feel like cada is a much bigger than 2:1 favorite to win at this point so am i just throwing away money by putting something down on the moon man now?
  2. sportsbook.com has moon at +125 to finish top 3, any thoughts on this bet? I doubt hes gonna win but figure with close to 1/3 of the chips in play already, hes got a pretty good shot to nit it up and still get top 3
  3. 26k... got some donk with alot of chips on my left thohaha gl bro
  4. just one bad beat post please?Full Tilt Poker Game #14074522335: FTOPS Event #24 (96538426), Table 846 - 500/1000 Ante 125 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:12:01 ET - 2009/08/16Seat 1: flex718 (56,245)Seat 2: borracho1 (16,483)Seat 3: Dymlovic (14,730)Seat 4: Jsbryan (27,179)Seat 5: pwnosaurus (24,729)Seat 6: CrystalBalla (27,216)Seat 7: Surfercal1 (35,417)Seat 8: Kush789 (38,647)Seat 9: VancouverMayhem (43,779)flex718 antes 125borracho1 antes 125Dymlovic antes 125Jsbryan antes 125pwnosaurus antes 125CrystalBalla antes 125Surfercal1 antes 125Kush789 antes 125VancouverMayhem antes 125Surfercal1 posts th
  5. sigh lost HU in shootout... kinda upset about this hand, does anyone not bet/get it in on the flop?Full Tilt Poker Game #13966992507: FTOPS Event #13 (96417439), Table 60 - 250/500 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:17:35 ET - 2009/08/11Seat 1: Kamdini (13,250)Seat 6: CrystalBalla (13,750)Kamdini antes 50CrystalBalla antes 50CrystalBalla posts the small blind of 250Kamdini posts the big blind of 500The button is in seat #6*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to CrystalBalla [Kd Td]CrystalBalla has 15 seconds left to actCrystalBalla raises to 1,250Kamdini calls 750*** FLOP *** [7s 5c Kc]Kamdini checksCrystalBa
  6. in everything on ftp today.. really shitty start tho.. gl all
  7. I will address the above insults/questions in cute internet forum checkbox form...[ ] blast at parties[x] real[x] crystalballa on ftp[ ] wigger[x] about as white as humanely possible and happen to have the last name balla
  8. live:- people acting like im hitler for not wanting to chop at a final table or give money out of my pocket for the bubble boy.. if you come in 6th out of 42 people in the $60 nightly at the showboat you dont deserve a cent- small talk at the tables.. i try to be as friendly as possible, but i really dont want to see a picture of your freaking kids or hear about your trip to paris- the middle aged guy in a hat and sunglasses who has to stare you down every hand... and i mean every hand.. open for 150 and 25/50 and be prepared for a stare and speech- online poker is rigged conversations... alth
  9. $13k... not bad for a $26 mtt
  10. heads up with joaomathis in the $26
  11. 3/6 in 34k.. one time plzzzzz
  12. idk how you grinders do this every sunday im losing my mind here... but had a couple small cashes and 3/10 now in some $26 donkament with $13k for first..
  13. my first real sunday in awhile... in pretty much every real ftp tourney brawl-mulligan minus the 150r... gl all
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