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  1. Now that I am switching careers and not working right now, this sounds like something that I need to attend. I'm originally from Michigan and maybe a little Michigander luck will come my way.
  2. Thinking about moving to Vegas. How much do dealers make? How much for casino host?
  3. i could be wrong, but i though that i saw you running decent late in a FTP event yesterday too? And GrinderMJ was making a run at a win (i think he was like 4/7 when i went to bed).
  4. bumpSome time has passed. Has this guy/group (confirmed names?) and have they become 'known' for any live poker games? Anyone? Fun match-up and times in the forums during their matches.
  5. saolli on ftp - an old guy looking to win some money while watching Tommy Watson take down the Open!
  6. just kicking around an idea of hosting a sat with 27 guys/gals with winner gettting seat to ME. $500 buy in per person, with one person going to ME while the others have bought a piece (2%?) of that person. Has anyone hosted something like this? Any tips or ideas? A lawyer friend and myself are meeting in a couple of days to insure legalities and such. Thoughts anyone. I've only thought about it for like 30 minutes - so take it easy on this old boy if I am missing something obvious.Thanks.Nutz.
  7. I am going to do this, but i am on my work computer and don't have my 'numbers from the back of my home computer' with me...thanks for the help guys.
  8. My home computer has been working terrible, and I decided to re-install Windows XP and sort of start over. I got the disk from the owner of my company and did it last night. Now I can not connect to the internet and i am stuck in 16 bit color. Apparently i am missing an ethernet driver (to connect to the internet), maybe a video card driver (the 16 bit problem), and probably some other drivers. Has anyone gone through this or have any ideas of how I can fix my problem.Thanks!Nutz out.
  9. I won a seat last Monday, and now it looks like I could win another. Does FTP just give my account cash credit if I already have a seat or do they sign me up for next weeks event? I think i get the cash, but just wanted to check.
  10. I'm heading out to Vegas with the Mrs., and the in-laws' entire family goes this time every year. The situation is that they go to the Riv and just slot machine there for the entire time. The Mrs. would like to spend some time with them, but i would like to stay in a better room and better location. I would be willing to entertain the idea of upgrading to a MUCH better room at the Riv, but i don't think that they have such a thing. So, I am looking for an upgraded room at an older property or a normal king room at a more recent property that is near the Riv. Any directions on which websit
  11. keep an eye on al_smooth - obv ft material...and toilet is pressing up on some chips
  12. can i say that you are a retard sir and the short bus is waiting outside your window to take you to school. My daughter is 5 and has much more 'wicked smartness' compared to you. Please ask your parents why they reproduced.
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