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  1. Lets pretend Deeb does have a big hand and for that reasons doesnt call for a floor. Isnt it possible for DN to pick up some infomation based the fact that a majority of people would ask for a floor ruling after an obv. string raise
  2. I think the problem is that you believe that everyone is going to play every street perfect.
  3. i play it the same. 3betting pre is fine but so is flatting. i call river as played.
  4. PotomophobiaSTFU dude. You are a falking retard and have no idea what your talking about you peice of shiit. Go choke on a donkey dick you faggot. I hope a plane falls on your house.
  5. gogogogo Wandigogogogo21212121212112
  6. lol i suck todaytwo tourneys left1. $11 freezeout on stars 2. $26 KO on FTP-$694 today
  7. in a bunch of MTTs todayglglglgl all
  8. At the FT of $20 1R1A on Stars6/914k10k8k...
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