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  1. I wonder if this guy is "trien" to get out of his own stable.
  2. I admittedly....am not very good at stud but my first thought was to fold 4th street because the 3rd ace was gone and we are only playing for the half the pot. Too nitty?
  3. Hi I used to play on your site a while ago and I switched over to Pokerstars because I felt their rake was a bit lower. Since I've switched I have realized the possibility of rakeback and how it pertains to your site. I honestly would rather use your site because I like it's set up better however, I don't want to start a new account to set rakeback up. I've read that you can approve rakeback on existing accounts if I ask so I am wondering if it's possible.My account user name is Biff GoodsI'm not actually sure what to do beyond this point. I assume I will need to find a rakeback website so
  4. I'll post emails. I'm not mad at them taking a hard stance. I am mad at the way the specific Customer Representative completely ignored any concerns I had when I did in fact ask nicely about keeping the BG account open and refused to give me any type of answer on where my money is. It's been about 8 emails already between us before I finally got mad. Give me a minute. I should have just posted the emails first instead of telling the story.
  5. A:) I was completely friendly and cordial with them until they started treating me like shit and ignoring me. I have had many run-ins with companies customer service departments....some good....some bad. I always treat people with the type of respect that I would hope they treat me with first and only relent if they refuse to help me (in the way their JOB TITLE suggests they are supposed to) B:) Don't be a douche bag. If you think all people working customer service come to work everyday bright eyed and bushy tailed about listening to people's problems all day long then you are just clue
  6. So this is by no means a "I got scammed email." I'm just a little frustrated and to say the least feel pretty disrespected. I guess back in 2007 I opened an account under a user name. I didn't download any money, I think maybe a friend of mine sent me a $5'ver and I blew it pretty quick. I while later I wanted to start playing more seriously so I came up with the "Biff Goods" moniker and opened an account on UB and Tilt. I eventually wanted to try PS so I opened another Biff Goods account on that site. I should say that during the time I played under Biff Goods on FT I never once logged
  7. You can watch most of your hands back without having to upload anything @ PTRwww.pokertableratings.comLook yourself up and go to sessions then find the hand. This is what I use when sending stuff to friends.
  8. OMGthat has never, ever happened to me before....how have you not had a mental breakdown.
  9. congrats. I love/hate this game more than Razz.....
  10. Although there is not one thing we can tell you to make these situations profitable from a strategy standpoint. I have a feeling that letting the above bolded part get to you so much is part of the problem. When ever I play with people like this I laugh and lick my chops....I'll play these guys over even mildly decent players everyday of the week. Yes....they are gonna get lucky....and sometimes it seems like it's over and over again but as long as you stick to your game and don't get drawn in (which is what they want) then you will prosper in the long run. The second that you get emotiona
  11. I just wrote out a huge rebuttal post but half way through I really didn't think there was a point since I don't think we will ever agree so I will just give results. I checked river, and he shoved. I snapped and he knocked when I tabled my queens. The black guy was furious (I guess cause he folded a ten) and demanded the guy show his hand so the dealer flipped the cards up and showed a 9-4 off suit. I asked the dealer, out of curiosity, what would have happened if he flipped up the hand and it had me beat and the player misread and the dealer said it wouldn't have mattered cause it was al
  12. I adjust my c-bet % depending on Villain tendencies, Board Texture, strength of hand, position. It's a mixture. I think auto c-betting is bad (I only know this because i used to do it and it destroyed me). I still run between 70-80% though.
  13. During the hand this was pretty much what I was thinking. I hadn't really seen him make any hero calls, his aggression came earlier in hands if he felt like he could blow someone off the hand. To show down he seemed to need a little sumpin sumpin. I didn't really know about pot stealing but as I said from my previous read I felt like if he was gonna steal he was gonna try and do it early in the hand rather than late. Again, this was only about two times around the table so I didn't really have enough of a HH to really make a clear judgement call. Lol at the waving the white flag move (be
  14. I brought my girlfriend's boss up to the boat last night to teach him how to play. He's really rich, really interested and has really never played before. It's so bad that I think he might not even know what beats what. Anyway I couldn't buy in for max because I forgot my card and only had 200 on me. This was about 2 rotations in I had played and won one pot and was up about 30 bucks. SB - Old Vietnamese guy loose passive ~$150BB - Old White guy looks like Don Rickles same as above ~$180UTG - Black guy, mid fifties. Thinks he's a pro but playing way too many hands. ~$320UTG+1 - Bosnian
  15. a made hand is a hand that currently beats what you have in this specific example. Hence why you would be (or not be) drawing against it. You think a made hand is any five card hand.....Top pair with 4 other cards is technically a five card hand isn't it? Top two pair is a "made hand," but what Mike McD is saying in the movie is that he knows where he is in the hand and doesn't want to draw against Teddy.
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