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  1. If we're considering calling off, why not shove the flop?
  2. Wheeeee patent pending box of fun blog.flopdroppoker.com The basic theorem is holdem is boring but lolmaha is too hard Something about if you build it they will come. I'll try to give weekly entries there myself a shot for those of you wondering what actually goes into building a casino. Watch out pstars!
  3. And right here lies the entire problem with why you don't understand why it's laundering. It doesn't matter if you don't think it's dirty money. It doesn't matter if I think we should have the freedom to do whatever with money. It doesn't matter if it's flat out morally right or wrong. What matters, and all that matters, when figuring out if something is legal, are the laws and definitions currently in place. Thinking anything else is a huge huge huge error in reasoning. What's right/wrong is not even close to equivalent to what's legal/illegal. It's a broken country, get used to it or jo
  4. Is this an extreme level? The U.S. government said our banks couldn't do business with offshore unliscensed gambling institutions. They put their foot down on black friday, and somehow you think a "decentralized anonymous currency" magically makes it better? No, it doesn't, you're just using an obfuscated 3rd party in the middle of the transaction. Laundering. Period. The people who are interested in bitcoins are primarily: people looking to wash money people doing illegal things with money greedy mother****ers We have enough problems as is with government backed currency, let al
  5. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=definition+of+money+laundering
  6. All considering, it could potentially be profitable. However, I think if I could profit from such a venture it'd be selfish at best. I'd potentially assist in destroying the small flicker of hope that is left for the game I once devoted all my time to. Yes, there is some ugly stuff going on, and yes, I could potentially save a few individuals. However, I think a heightened awareness of how shady things can really be to the general public could further negatively impact a struggling industry which I'd prefer to watch thrive.
  7. Also, money laundering is money laundering. Bitcoin does not make it not money laundering. The fact that you believe strongly in how they do it, just means they have a fantastic laundering scheme. Now, I don't think the DOJ is going to chase them AT ALL. Even if Seals were to get popular at a wild fire pace, things would be regulated before it mattered to the DOJ... I mean... Bovada is still in business so... bigger fish to fry etc
  8. This is actually the problem in my current field. Truth be told I think me never reaching my EV was the best thing that ever happened. I'm not going to pretend to be the best of the best Navy Seals of IT, but I have a brain and use it. Apparently, when demand far exceeds supply, anything above mediocre allows you to be very very picky. To be precise, I currently only work with startups that I feel, for political reasons, make a positive impact on society. Also, they need to be working with tools I enjoy. Imagine poor Joe American trying to be so picky... he can't... but I'm a spoil
  9. FWIW It's not always about money. I actually get way way more offers than I have the capacity to handle, and am learning other things like how to hire, how to train, how to manage etc. I use forums to blow off steam
  10. You know what? Screw a DNS and Apache and all that fun jazz... let's just put Tomcat out into the wild and hope for the best PokerMaven... true professionals obviously
  11. Oh, and somebody tell poker mavens to firewall off their MySQL server... ****ing morons in this business I swear Nmap scan report for pokermavens.net ( Host is up (0.0079s latency). rDNS record for centaur.dewahost.net Not shown: 955 filtered ports, 28 closed ports PORT STATE SERVICE 21/tcp open ftp 22/tcp open ssh 25/tcp open smtp 26/tcp open rsftp 53/tcp open domain 80/tcp open http 110/tcp open pop3 143/tcp open imap 443/tcp open https 465/tcp open smtps 587/tcp open submission 993/tcp
  12. Yes, and lock poker wasn't exposing passwords in javascript code according to support until I finally posted about it a year later in NVG. It's just another shady fly by night operation that outsources everything, has no budget, works based on money laundering, and whose only sense of "security" is not knowing any better. But, maybe they've moved on since that was relevant, haven't been keeping tabs on them, but apparently others have: Fool me once...
  13. I have now. The major issue is monetizing. I likely couldn't, since the reality is I'd probably be completely ripping apart the very people who would be paying me through affiliate links and advertising. Also, I'm not sure the average player even cares given the circumstances we have been playing under. If you're not affiliated I could care less tbh. It's nothing worth addressing for the size of their site. If its not for a friend or iFriend, they likely can't afford me, which is why they used the open source tool to begin with.
  14. Oh, and if anybody ever wants to run their own Shady Poker Operation, we can discuss biznassss http://blackbeltprogramming.com
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