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  1. I have an ebony fret board on my guitar and bass. Over the years it has got a good amount of "gunk" build up on the board. Anyone have any tips or cleaning solutions they make to get rid of this without damaging the fret board?Thanks
  2. Sorry for not having this converted, my converter site was down and i wanted to post while it was fresh in my head. Is there any justification for 3 betting 3rd street here? Playing with John, i know he can play pretty tight, but before this hand came up, he had seen me complete with a few small up cards and have to fold on 5th street when villains hit some ugly cards. I felt calling him was the right move and i fell victim to fancy play sydrome on 6th street, but donked 3 of a kind on the river, though i did take one of his 6's away on 6th.Feral Cow PokerFull Tilt Limit Stud $0.25/$0.50 an
  3. I talked to the floor at the venetian when i was there. He said the bellagio has a table just for Stud, but really only entertain the games if it is 30-60 and higher.
  4. Recently i started playing online again. Been building my roll from 30 bucks playing 0.02 / 0.05 and have since moved up to 0.25 / 0.50. I am primarily playing stud, but lately, even though i am winning, i feel my line every session is, get big pairs, complete, bet to the end unless something screwy happens, win with two pair on the river. Has anyone run into this? The reason i am concerned is that once i start moving up into 1 / 2 and 2 / 4, this line will no longer work as much as it does now.
  5. THe speed was pretty fast paced. It only slowed down when multiple people went to showdown and they tried to figure out what people had. The dealer kept things moving, but i enjoyed the pace just fine. I played about a 3 hour session, average people to the flop was around 4, but sometimes 7 were in, but alot of people were out on the flop
  6. I kind of wanted it to look like i had an A 2 or a flush draw that didnt get there. I was trying to be tricky with the guy because he tended to over think things based on talking to him through other hands
  7. Well i finally got to play some live Omaha hi/lo in Vegas, thought i would share my experiences. I sat down at the venetian where they regularly run 4 - 8, and 8 - 16 limit games with a half kill (they also spread a 8 - 10 mix game with all the HORSE games plus 2 - 7 triple, Badugi, and PLO if you get enough). The table was 9 seated and was mostly filled with regulars who seem to play every morning. I sat down and proceeded to literally get 4 out scooped the first 4 - 10 hands. Then the following hand came up in a kill pot, sorry there is no converter.BB Hero [ K h 10 h 2c 3 c ]Act
  8. I am heading out to Vegas next week for the tourney as well to play some cards. I am trying to find some other games besides hold em, stud preferred. I heard the mandalay bay spreads alot of stud games. Is this true? What other card rooms spread stud?Thanks
  9. learned it from daniels sections in super system 2. It is honestly the best resource out there.
  10. Just finished playing for over an hour. Never took a hand worse than 7432A to the river and lost every hand but one. I lost 6 times with 23456, 5 times with 7432A, and 3 times with 6432A. Stupid poker
  11. Thanks for the analysis. I have been looking it over and i agree with you. The only streets where i think i am justified getting more bets in are 3rd and 4th
  12. Well what happened in the end was seat 3 bet on 7th street and seat 4 folded, which through me through a loop. I sat and hemmed and hawed about it thinking for her range. Maybe she would 3 bet 3h 4h 5h preflop, but seems unlikely. In the end i honestly just said, she has an 8 low and that is it. I called and she rolled over Q Q buried, A 8 5 2 J, so i scooped. Literally the next hand she took the same line and i raised her with aces up and she called down with K K buried.
  13. The part that threw me off the most was that seat 3 just called behind. One can say, he just called to trap us, but he could also call because he was weaker than we thought. Especially after he just calls down the rest of the way. I agree that i need to raise, the way the hand played out, it seems like if i became the agressor, than i either lose one of them, or they just call down as they did
  14. I will give the results after, but i really felt lost in this hand after 3rd street. I hate my line and i am looking for some input so i can play these types of hands in the future betterFull Tilt Poker Game #23786878798: Table Bulb - $0.10/$0.20 Ante $0.02 - Limit Stud H/L - 16:40:50 ET - 2010/09/10Seat 1: wallytor ($0.60)Seat 2: Starcrash ($1.62)Seat 3: elfuego22 ($3.80)Seat 4: easystreet15 ($1.15)Seat 6: Littlle Nix ($1.10)Seat 7: bassplayer45 ($10.22)Littlle Nix antes $0.02wallytor antes $0.02easystreet15 antes $0.02elfuego22 antes $0.02bassplayer45 antes $0.02Starcrash antes $0.02*** 3RD
  15. If anyone is in Detroit, the Greek Town Casino downtown runs a 5-10 half kill on Saturday's that has about half the table intrigued by the game, the other half are solid players looking for some fun.
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