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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOoSGR_1qSk tapi tapi
  2. jc i'll be there in 6 days, have the tacos ready
  3. 1. hola como estas?2. lets play futbol! GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!3. tequila ftmfw!!!!4. hey guys, check out this really big cowboy hat!5. counter big cowboy hat w/ a tiny guitar6. 7. whats up chicas? wanna go hang out on the yucatan peninsula later?8. similar to the asians, we all look the same!!!! and this is how we look.
  4. I ordered a. Numer. One,! A 2 a 3 am5 an 6 and 7. And 3 mcfluries. It cost me 49.60 and I put it n my wow factor account. Then I tried to. Order them "apple Bottom jeans with the boots and the fur( and the Jc alvarado mexican soccer type guy said, we don't serve that here
  5. sigh, really hate to leave considering the fact that a lot of you guys that post on here are really cool, but from day 1 i've been really dissapointed with some of the things that go on at this site and in general the way its run.to all the ppl i've met its been awesome, you all know where to find me and we'll definitely keep in touch. i really enjoyed the challenge thread and am super sad that i won't be around to make the first post on page 1000 but hey, whatcha gonna do. peace out FCP you guys rock!A__THEKEVLAR__2...OUT!
  6. i just texted my ex gf telling her how HOTTY HOT HOT i thought she was in an attempt to allow me to stick my D into her VA J Jalso, PT Special is a 9 footer.
  7. there are no r's in the letter "L"Poker content:Name le and jc tran are good yellow poker players
  8. i just tried easy mac for the first time, i had always been skeptical about it cuz cooking that in the microwave just seemed hella weird. today i confirmed my suspicions, that crap blows.
  9. YOU ARE THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!and also, i don't think we'd mind so much if this payout strucure was only for the sunday million, but like grinder said these payout structures are in every single tournament and are royally screwing us.
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