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  1. I am thankful to be paying taxes on my craps and poker play in 2006.Best --BurgermanP.S. I'm waiting for one of our learned colleagues to calculate just how much money I should have lost based on bet per roll and hours played. An average of 90 rolls per hour.
  2. In this format I voted for Ivey to win -- best athlete, good provider, good strategist, wins immunity at most important points.I voted for Sklansky as first voted off. Irritating and too analytical to make enough friends to avoid being voted off after losing the first challenge.Best --Burgerman
  3. DN and other pros --If an amateur player were to go full-time on the tournament circuit and play cash games as well, how long would the amateur have to play and what progress would they need to make in order to gain the respect of the big-time pros? Would they need to win within a year, how many final tables -- cashes, would they need to make money consistently in big side games? Would it simply be the quality of their play that would win them respect?Just wondering.Best --Burgerman
  4. Voted for Lindgren to Win -- Most Athletic and Good StrategistVoted for Sheikian as first out -- Always irritating.Best --Burgerman
  5. Voted for Ferguson -- BestVoted for Hansen -- WorstBest --Burgerman
  6. Voted for Seidel -- BestVoted for Scotty -- WorstBest --Burgerman
  7. Voted for JC Tran -- BestVoted for Phil Gordon -- WorstBest -- Burgerman
  8. I suspect most of us would like to short on cash like Daniel is. I'm pleased to hear he's making investments with his money. I am astounded about his reply that he'd been broke since winning his first WSOP bracelet. I'm sure DN will refill his coffers rather quickly now that his game is "back and standing tall."Best --Burgerman
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Hope you keep on this roll.Best -- Burgerman
  10. All --The following comprises the results of my eight trips to Caesars Palace Las Vegas in 2006. I track: profit, average bet per roll, minutes played per trip, big hands (where a shooter keeps the dice over 30 minutes) and big parlay opportunities (I routinely place small bets on the hard ways and certain one roll bets and parlay the action until they can yield more than $3,500 -- percentages are the number of opportunities and the number of wins).I hope other members of the forum will follow DN's lead and post their respective results for 2006.Best --Burgerman 2006 Craps Results
  11. Omaha --Here's what DN said:Some stats:Pre-flop re-raised through day two: 1 (Guess what I had???) AA of course. I was out of position in the blinds so I had to go after the dead money.Bluff Attempts: 6Successful Bluffs: 3Now when I say bluffs, these weren't real bluffs. They were more like, raise with 5s 6s, big blind call. Flop A-Q-J, he checks, I bet small. I have yet to attempt any significant bluffs yet.I guess I'm confused. This would fit my definition of tight, aggressive. And I'd like him to win EVERY tournament he enters.Best --Burgerman
  12. no joke offset. by his own admission, DN is playing much, much tighter -- especially early in the tournament. DN has spent the last three-four years playing ATC. He should be able to go a great run with a style counter to his established image.
  13. I am impressed that DN is back on his game -- as he predicted. It one thing to say you're playing well and quite another to go out and prove it.His performance at the Bellagio in the WPT Doyle Bunson Event is proof positive. DN has spent the last 24-36 months playing almost any two cards (ATC). He's done well with it and has established an image of often bluffing opponents with lesser hands and winning with them. I am in awe of his recent switch to the tight, aggressive style and watching his play in his last two tournaments shows this is working for him. His projected image of the past
  14. I will be in Las Vegas Dec 5 -- 10 and intend to get to the Bellagio to watch the proceedings and check out DN's new relevation at the poker table. Seems his desire has returned as well. I wish the Sports Books would have a line on all big poker events. DN looks to be a great value in this one.Best --Burgerman
  15. Michelle is a fantastic talent. At 17, she's not ready to compete on the PGA TOUR. She may continue to get better and be able to do this at a future point. Her development as a golfer will be interesting to watch. I think it's time for her to play on the LPGA full-time and see if she can dominate that circuit.Best --Burgerman
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