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  1. Ok so we are playing some card game with chips at a local bar league (they say its called poker but im not sure) anyway a hane develops where someone entered a pot after the flop and took it down uncontestednow player A we will call him Jim for now ..so Jim grabs the players cards and takes a peek as he throws them in front of him after winning the pot to see if his read was correct So whats the rule on this? the cards didnt hit the muck and the player didnt protect his hand someone at the table grabs them before the dealer and looks at them there was almost a fight over this is this ille
  2. :icon_liar:the only mans game you have ever played is with yourself
  3. Seat 1: MEGA12345 ($3,855 in chips) Seat 3: The Paint_ ($2,940 in chips) Seat 6: bestplayanyc ($4,860 in chips) Seat 8: GUEST [3C,KC] ($2,055 in chips) Seat 10: LUVTHENUTZ ($1,290 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSbestplayanyc posts blind ($50), GUEST posts blind ($100).PRE-FLOPLUVTHENUTZ folds, MEGA12345 bets $200, The Paint_ calls $200, bestplayanyc folds, GUEST calls $100.FLOP [board cards 4D,10C,2C ]GUEST checks, MEGA12345 bets $100, The Paint_ folds, GUEST calls $100.TURN [board cards 4D,10C,2C,QC ]GUEST checks, MEGA12345 bets $200, GUEST calls $200.RIVER [board cards 4D,10C,2C,QC,KH ]G
  4. lrean to sepll jckaasscoming from you i can tell you are speaking of yourself.next......
  5. it breaks my heart that you dont like meit really does.. (sw)so i take it you are part of the fan club too?
  6. ok on topic...i think they are worried its gonna mess with their bottom line with online poker sites, legalities and taxes etc....why else would so many players care well cause its gonna mess with their money thats why.....7 players are out to get their money... while its messing with the rest of the players money.......its all about the money......
  7. FYPwe are all fans of DN calm down... some are a little more than fans but hey to each his own......
  8. AH HA!!!!!!!so THATS the reason its gonna mess with FCPs bottom linenow we all know the REAL reason your against it....ok ok ill stop with the jokes
  9. I love to watch all the DN "i wanna blow you" fan club come running to his defenseits amusing.....
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