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  1. The elusive jerk attitude determines who the rooks are here for me.
  2. Tournament blinds @ 60/120.I'm sitting relatively comfortable with 19000 in chips.I got lucky enough to be seated to the left of the loose and drunken rookie at the table. (Chip leader lol --sucked out an all in preflop call with Ac2d against an AhQh by hitting four clubs)To my left is an extremely tight lawyer. (Sitting with about 8k--He plays exactly his cards--never bluffs--very easy to read)To his left is a somewhat solid rookie--who I have gotten a very good feel for. (He has about 12k--We'll call him Mr. B)--Mr. B is the player that the hand focuses on.Things to note on Mr. B: He ove
  3. It's very believable! U ever talked to those Party Poker guys! They are all Dikshits!! That pic looks like all of them that talk to you on the phone to verify your account! And Bush wanting to declare war on someone! How can you NOT believe that!?
  4. Can someone just close this thread? The US alone has too much racist, cultural, religious whining. It showing up on a poker thread is even more ridiculous.
  5. The "Min-Raise" is a terrible move. It is called a "Post-Oak Bluff". Anyone who has any knowledge of NL Hold Em knows that this is a very weak play. In Doyle Brunson's Super System he states "NEVER make a Post-Oak Bluff, it is a very weak play and I never do it." There are many reasons behind it, but I am not going to be a mentor, so go buy the Super System or reread it if you forgot!
  6. Honestly, cash out half-$200. You get 200 in your pocket, and you have 200 to experiment with. I recommend taking 100 of your 200 into the $1-$2 tables, but since u claim to be a novice, if you aren't aggressive enough, either buy in the $1-$2 tables with all 200, or play at a .50-1.00 table. Either way it's win-win, u get profit to cash out, and you get money to build and experiment with. Good luck in college!
  7. Live 95%, online 5%. IF THAT. I just started to get into the whole online phenomenon, there's a lot of online playing I'd have to do before I put in enough hours to catch up to my live playing.
  8. I agree, and have always thought that, but I was curious as to Daniel's perspective. LoL oh, and i'm still lost.... Pottery?
  9. He IS entitled to his opinion Newayz, about Greg Raymer. When he won the WPT he even stated that he was not a pro. He said he has a lot to learn and he lucked out but just kept his mentality straight. So for everyone trying to say he's a pro, look up his background. The only tournaments he had really played before he won the WPT were satellites from Poker Stars. I'm not saying he's a BAD player, obviously he's not he won the biggest poker tournament there is, BUT even he admits that he is not at the same level as the elite.
  10. So I am being called ignorant because i believe that Raymer is NOT a "chameleon"? Greg Raymer is no chameleon, sure he may not bet his big hands the same everytime, he may even mix it up by throwing a check in there LMAO. But he is NO WAY, NO HOW constantly mixing his game up. Also, I stated that he is not called "Fossilman" bc he plays like a rock, but that is why he SHOULD be called "Fossilman". Nonetheless, your ignorance is also displayed when you maintain your uprighteousness by simply telling us all that we have no concept of poker because we have not won main events. Ditto my frien
  11. I've been an avid NL player before WPT was aired... My opinions are not based on " a few snippets from highly edited TV shows." Can/Do you ever see GR play ANY two cards and set up plays with them? He is... simply put: a fossil, and before long his name will be fossilized as well.
  12. I have no idea how to get his attention, but hopefully the title did the trick! I remember back when I read the Super System, Doyle discussed the WPT being around 100 players (I'd give the exact number, but I'm not searching for the book). If the ingenious "pocket cam" was not invented, there would not be an enormous Hold 'em hype. When the WPT launched it, many pros' careers took off, just like Daniel explains. With that said, I have wondered MANY MANY times, what do you think about the pocket cams? I know that without them, you, along with many other pros, would not have the fame that
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