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  1. So, its "bold/silly" to bet all your chips with TP, but you are perfectly willing to call off all of your chips with a pair of Kings?
  2. Hero hangs on to his remaining $3K and gives this guy credit for outflopping him. With those small blinds you still have plenty of chips to play with and I think that after the last bet he much more likely to have flopped a set or top 2 than to be trying to push something like QT through for a 3rd time. His play looks a lot more like a trap than a multi-street semi-bluff that winds up with him being all-in.
  3. Without stack sizes, pot size, bet size, previous action, position, and # of players in the hand this means nothing. Its all about context and even good players don't just check/fold sets on the end when the pot is big and has been HU the entire time because the board is scary. In fact, if you'd check fold a monster on the river to a small bet everytime the board 4 flushed that's a VERY exploitable habit. An opponnent who knew that about you would have "extra" out in the form of bluffs anytime he was in a pot with you and the flop wasn't rainbow.
  4. So you fold because you put him on a set but you don't thin he'll call anything(or even lead with a bet) on the end in a pot that size with a set? Most players aren't good enough to fold a set HU on the end in a big pot, even on the worst of boards.
  5. Eh, this is getting sticky real fast. I'd wish that he'd bet less than 1200 but I'd probably call it here anyway, especially with the Kd. On the river I'm folding to a big bet/shove unless I improve. If he's firing 3 barrels on that board with nothing then he got me.
  6. Meh, maybe if the table dynamics were different. This big raise was very abnormal. For the most part the play was very loose/passive. I think there's more value in trying to spike a set and stack someone on the cheap than trying to narrow the field and play the hand post flop with a lot of my stack already invested. Too much risk for too little value IMO.
  7. I would call and look to see the river cheaply. If he bets it hard enough on the turn and river I may even lay it down, but his bets would have to be very large.Stacks are extremely deep here. People looking to get all-in on this flop are nuts IMO. I'm not a fan of putting in 200BBs on an overpair but I'm a huge fan of people who do.
  8. I've already posted this hand on 2 other forums and gotten decidedly mixed responses so I figured I've throw it up on here and see what you guys think:Very early in an $11 MTT. 50 players/ 9 paid. Play is generally loose and passive in the early rounds. Starting chips: T 1500 Blinds 15/30. My stack: T 550(after a brutal 7 outter sunk my flopped boat). I am short stack at the table. I have 99 in EP and open limp. 2 limpers behind me and the button (~T 2000) makes a huge over-raise raise to 575 (almost mocking me). Blinds fold and its back to me with 2 players still to act behind me. I know virt
  9. A black North American man, in his 20's, writes the following: If it does seem racist, or just plain disturbing to you, why? Perhaps we're dealing with a tremendous double standard here?Would the above paragraph (sans the part about the "black man" being the writer or the writer being an "uncle Tom") be any more or less "racist" if the writer were white?Daniel played it real safe with this one, but was "racist" nonetheless. Unfortunately in our society today it is perfectly acceptable to deride white people (to wit: them being referred to as "evil" in the original), afterall, they are the
  10. Yeah, I think DN really needs to respond to that link as it seems that Gus' take, based on that article, is the polar opposite of what DN has told us with absolute certainty were Gus thoughts during the hand. Namely, that he put DN on a big overpair.FWIW, I also think the idea that checking the river because "its more likely that AA will value bet the river when checked to than call a river bet" is about the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Obviously, I'm no DN when it comes to high stakes NL hold em but why on earth would AA even think about betting that 4 straight/paired board on the
  11. Exactly, I was thinking same thing when I read GWC's reply. Just because there is not much of a chance of a 5 way cap doesn't mean that all of a sudden you want to narrow the field or that "The value of AA holding up unimproved goes down in relation to how many players are in the hand." Multi-way for multi-bets is the best case scenario. The pots won % drops but the money won goes up faster than the showdown % goes down up to about 7-8 players.LRR is a viable option on certain tables. Tight Aggressive tables are the best candidates.
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