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  1. Thanks for the love!The last time I showed up and spent a few hours in the tourney forum, I was wildly flamed....Bart
  2. I am in...have not played in ages. And I do not mean just the Neg O...any poker. I hope to see a bunch of old friends.Bart
  3. I did not see a shove in the OP? I'd call for these reasons.
  4. I'd put in a ~ pot-sized raise, to 700.
  5. You know, you could have told him this. Or given him the answer with a request to do this the next time.Not lie to him...His screen name is "New2FCP" with less than a 100 posts...give him a break. Someone gave you a few at one time or another.
  6. Agree with everything here, except for shipping over the button open. 27BB seems like you are too deep for that; I'd prefer 3-betting to ~21,000.
  7. He asked an honest question and wanted a answer. No wonder I don't post here any more...
  8. I don't think you have any fold equity; Villain 2 is getting almost 3.3:1 to call your shove.
  9. I am surprised that so many people are saying that this is not the nuts. I have always heard this situation to be called the nuts, knowing that it may not be so by the river. I've also heard the term "mortal nuts", referring to a hand that is the nuts on the flop, and will also be the nuts at the river.As an aside, in Omaha it is common to refer to a hand being the nuts on the flop or turn, but being vulnerable to re-draws. As a result, it it often wise to "muck the nuts" if you are being free-rolled.
  10. monix


    LOL...trust me, I play way more hands than AA pre-flop.The question at hand is "Do we risk our tournament life where we are behind so many hands?" If your edge is so great against this field that you disrespect so much, why not wait for a better spot?
  11. monix


    Thanks for the respect. I have not posted in ages due to two new jobs back-to-back in the last two years. I’ve enjoyed talking about hands.What range do we put villain on? And then let’s do some math.What are all hands could he play this way? How about 55, 22, 75, 52, (it was sooted!), XcXc, and some random bluff, like a missed straight draw with 34o (no raise PF, so we’ll ignore KK).Hands that beat us - there are 3 combos each of 22 and 55, 2 combos of suited 52, and 7 combos of AcXc; that is 15 hands.Hands we beat – Let’s narrow down these hands to hands that a “reasonable” player would c/r the flop and bluff the river (we’ll put the rest in the pure bluff category); 4c5c, 5c6c and probably 3c4c; 3 hands.So against a “reasonable” player’s range, we are a 5:1 dog.Let’s say that we want only a 60:40 edge (a little better than a coin flip) committing our stack this early in the tournament. Therefore Villain must be wildly overplaying the flop and wild ass bluffing the river with another 35 hand combos (15/40% - 3). There are only 9 remaining 0 and 1-gap club combos (98, 97, 87, 86, 64, 53, 42 and 32). So we’d have to add a bunch of other club combos, random one pair hands, etc. to get this anywhere close to a call.Let’s assume this is a 100 player tournament, we have no edge on the field and no one has been knocked out yet. If we fold, our equity drops to ~0.6%. If we call and win it increases to ~2%, but we are long way from the money. If we call and lose, our equity drops to 0.Remember that famous cliché; you cannot win in the early stages of a tournament, only lose…
  12. Pushing AKs pre-flop knocked me out of the Main Event, so I may be biased against it Ok, now do the math with your ranges.
  13. I don't have time for more than a quick response, but here are two important observations. OP said 8 seats pay. I like your approach, but recalculate knowing that there are more seats available. Only if you are shortie. If you are assured a seat in a satellite, it is incorrect to play any hand, including AA.
  14. Ok...suggest a range and do the math to show us folding is horrible.
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