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  1. Butt Torturer.Thats it for sure. He knows his son well.
  2. Dane Cook is funny...Eddie is not...Therefore quote = not funny.
  3. Was that suppose to be funny.....? Ok, I retract my previous statement, school is a waste for you.
  4. If you have the opportunity to better yourself by doing honestly a minimal amount of work...why wouldn't you? No one said that everyone needs to go to Harvard. Learning how to provide for yourself in a job where you don't have to risk your body (manual labor) every single day, or spend months away from those you care about...ya sounds terrible.
  5. Oh Eddie, all of the things I could go over in this post that are absolutely hilarious, but ill limit myself. But I will say...How exactly are you going to play pro when online poker goes away? Since you are what? 18 tops? I wanted to be a firefighter when I was a kid, maybe you should give that one a shot. Oh and do you honestly believe that others LIKE school? Or that everyone is paying perfect attention during lectures? Get a clue. Why don't you man up, sit through the lectures, pass the class by using some ummm effort and get a degree. When you get sick of poker, or realize you just aren't
  6. Daniel, no offense but this isnt Pocket Fives. You can't expect posts like"RANK BEAUTIFUL MAN!""BEAUTIFUL OWNZZZZZZZZZ"Its just not that kind of board ;)Congrats to him though.
  7. Ok so I did the Sports book promo on Mansion, it was great. Then saw the $100 one on this site Bet WWTS. So I signed up and did it last Monday. My girlfriend also wanted to do it, so after reading here that someone asked if it was ok to sign someone else up on the same computer, but not from the same household and was told it was okay. We signed her up from my place.Bet lost, expecting to get the $100 back. Nope. Talk to support tonight, both of our accounts have been frozen. For registering more than 1 account per house hold. We do not live together, have the same address, phone number...noth
  8. Easy money? Im in!Just made the bet, GF is doing the same. She likes these bets alot...she is out spending her money from the Mansion bet as we speak lol.
  9. oK thats some funny sh.it, really disturbing too...but whatever
  10. Actually sir, YOU are the idiot. I was the one that started this thread if you didn't notice. Therefore you MAY be able to make the general assumption that I MADE THE BET. lolNot to mention all of my posts in this thread go something like, "GO STEELERS! MAKE ME THAT $$$". But you must of been confused, I can see how that would happen. Or...perhaps you were just trying to be really "online tough", probably a more logical explanation.You did a great job explaining why my comments were as you put it, "stupid and ignorant". Basically, because you didn't agree with them. I love that logic baby! D
  11. Sorry man, the Fins havent been good, arent good, and probably wont be good for a few years. Its just fact.Its funny how you were talking so much about them crushing the Steelers....hmmm
  12. You can all thank ME for making the post about this Your Welcome.
  13. Mansion covers the fees! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO
  14. Umm there are NO fees for Insta Cash actually, deposting through your bank the regular way on Neteller is what gets you fee's. What are you guys smoking. My insta cash transfer clears right away, and is freeeeeeeeee.
  15. Ever heard of INSTA CASH!? Get your bank hooked up to Neteller man.
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