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  1. And have you seen how Alan Goering wins? By sucking out flush and straight draws...no to mention 1 outers on the river (ahem, WPT)
  2. But this is what is ridiculous...is that the min raise prices anyone with any kind of hand to stay in the hand...even runner runner straight and flush draws. Giving 10-1 or more if you have a real hand (which most people don't) is dumb and it leads you to start conversations like "You won't believe what this guy called me with..."This is why people say it's better to win a small pot than lose a big one...
  3. I find that on Full Tilt when people bet the pot after the flop it rarely means anything...it may mean middle pair, top pair, or a PP...but you can never really tell...its just funny how they do it so consistantly and then end up folding...they could accomplish the same thing with 1/3 to 1/2 the pot.
  4. Also, am I the only person that has noticed that people on Full Tilt feeler bet the pot just about every time...and then get raised and fold? What is going on there? Is it simply because they have a button to bet the pot?
  5. He mentions it quite a bit in both...I think it is one of the dumbest strategies ever. I can see how it would buy you a free card, but that is exactly what I think of when someone min raises...or if they have a medium PP and are scared of the board or something.
  6. This surprises me. I would think that slower structures would be way more popular because it's an actual tournament where you can play poker than just everyone shoving all in on top pair. I guess I need tips on how to play online tournaments then...just play every hand until you bad beat someone to stay ahead of the blinds?
  7. To me going from live to the internet I've seen this move more than anything. People just hit the raise button like it is limit poker and think they have just done something great. To me this is the stupidest move in poker and I only ever see it online...the only time I have seen it live is by 20-somethings that are sitting at a table for the first time.What is the opinion out there on the min-raise?
  8. Will there ever be a toournament structure online as they do live? Such as $10,000 in chips and 90 minute to 2 hour blinds?
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