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  1. Larry Flint Owner of the Hustler Casino, Penthouse Magazines, They play 7Stud 4000-8000 every Sunday at Hustler, Phil, Ted, Barry and couple other rich guys, and he likes PLO but he cannot hold the cards do to his disablity, so the easiest way is to play on the computer.
  2. Some of you guys are unreal, We as readers should be glad that Marchione would take the time to relay some of the on going action at The Aussie Millions. But instead you try and pick him a part.Even Daniel took a stab at his creditability.Daniel semi confirmed that Jen's kid may have took ill. But doubted the guy about Ivey in the High Roller Section.Just read it for what is worth, and hope the guy keeps reporting more as the week goes on, because some of us are not there.It is well known that Ivey is a High Roller (not a whale), and he loves to roll dice at enormus limits along with Baccra
  3. Now that was the best reply, I feel the same way lmao
  4. I live in LA. The Bike is my home casino, Vegas is only a 3.5hr trip down I-15 fwy therefore I play the cash games during the Vegas tournys, WPT, Circuit Events, WSOP,
  5. One day you can find him playing 2-5 NL. and the next day you might find him inside Bobby's Room at Bellagio playing 1000-2000 mix with other peoples money. One thing to remember if that river card had been a spade it would have been a whole different storyI think he's going to be Poker After Dark Monday 1/14/2008He's a very entertaining person that has skills other wise he would not be able to get staked in High Limit games, WPT 25k, 15k Five Diamond, 10k Main, 50K Horse, etc. If you think thats something, wait until you run across another well known WPT and high limit player Casey Kastle,
  6. The Bike canceled the whole Live At The Bike Production months ago and tore down the stage and expanded that part of the casino for more Stud tables.As for the regulars:The annoucers: Bart Hanson primary works for prradio@pokerroad.com, he also does live commentary for Pokerstars and last year he did some live commentary at WSOP/Bluff online Dave Tuchman as you've heard did the commentary for for the Full Tilt Million Dollar Cash game thats currently being shown on SkyTv or Pokertube.comEz Money Mo is still the host for the big No limit games thereCorperation Mike, is s
  7. Now we are seeing the effects of WPT giving exculsive media coverage to one company (Cardplayer Inc.)There is no coverage for the prelim events which had great final table with a lot of great players, and with the POY leader David Pham at another final table you would think they would have reporters there. And they are based in Las Vegas (Go figure)Instead they update the website with the chip counts and winners two or three days later. Not to mention the $5000 event from Sat. 12/8/07 as of today Tues 12/11/07am still has not been updated and I hear it was a stacked final table.This is why I
  8. The Bicycle Club a.ka. The Bike has a 5-10 blind NL $500.00 minimum, but unlimited buyin. most guys buyin for @ $2000.00. They normally have 2 or 3 tables going. And when Corperation Mike comes in @ 5-7pm it get really wild
  9. undefinedReal beautiful home, love the backyard
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6qc_QRy6B4[/url]
  11. When I try to watch the mouth piece it freezes every other min.The other CardplayerTV shows ok no stalling.any suggestions
  12. I've heard rumors that the 2008 WSOP is moving to Ceasar's Palace on the strip. Because the convention center is larger and closer to table games, forum shops, etc.I was reading a article somewhere, it stated "Pit bosses are upset that there is 4000-5000 people, a 1/2 mile down the hall, around a couple of corners, with plenty of money, and they can not touch them".Has anyone else heard or read anything relating to this.
  13. Normally they would play until 3:00am or the final table which ever came first.But since the tourny starts @7:00pm and they do not have the disclaimer in fine print, they are probably going to run straight thru, which would take @ 14-15hrs.I would call the casino Friday day 1 after 5:00pm ask for tourny registration. (323)721-2100Structure: 1000 starting chips, 40 min rounds, $300 rebuy for 1000 chips, single or double add-on at the break regardless of how many chips you have.25-2525-5050-100100-200100-200- 25 ante150-300 etc.P.S. Remember, no one folds Ace-rag at the Commerce or The Bike
  14. This is from 3/29/07 EPThttp://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/video-gallery/
  15. 159 players survived Day 1a including Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstein, Josh Arieh, Victor Ramdin, Johnny Lodden, Jani Sointula, Harry Demetriou, Carlos Mortensen, Mark Vos Theo Jorgensen, Pete Giordano, Noah Boeken, Mark Gregorich, Jan Boubli, Terry Cook, Carl Olson, Chris Moneymaker, Katja Thater, Fabrice Soulier, Dave Colclough, and John Shipley. Play was stopped with 9:01 to go in Level 7. Tournament Director Thomas Kresmer stopped play to ensure no one would stall during the last few minutes. Day 1a Top 10 in Chips: ULSRUD , CHRISTOPHER (Norway) 133,875 VILMUNEN , JANI (Finland) 95,925 JELIN
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