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  1. hey army, decided to return to the (virtual) felt after giving up on the game for a while. i stopped in the thread, said hi, and went back to jokerstars. im doing pretty well late in a $20K tourney somehow (#168047416, table 24). come root for me if youre up, thx. if i win i will buy you a beer, maybe even 2.
  2. More a question along the lines of etiquette and such, but is there any online really, especially at low stakes nowadays?
  3. I met this lady who worked for, or owned, Sharkscope, or something, and let me tell you, she was the biggest whiner at the game of poker.All she did was bemoan her poor luck, or lack of skill, or character, or whatever.Ugh.JS.
  4. You sit down at an online Omaha table, 6-handed, with blinds of $1/2.You hit 2 sets and the nuts once, adding $400 to your stack.It's only been 18 minutes.Do you really need to stick around, after making 200 BB?
  5. Hope the Army is having a ball in Vegas, jealous of y'all fockers!Good to see Alan & Denny in SF, gotta post that pic of you and the guy from Nanking!
  6. I'm jealous of all you fockers.GL and Have A Blast.I'm gonna be an Asian tourist in November and check out the Grand Canyon.
  7. meant full tilt.working again too.
  8. anybodys stars working again? cant connect all day...
  9. Good work on the radio show, that's real cool. I'd even listen in if I had Sirius.Michael said you'd be out here for a week before your Vegas trip, GAME ON!
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