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  1. Im a loser this month so far with AA, KK and QQ and running ant 15bb/100...go figure haha
  2. Hows everybody doing? This thread seems to be dying.
  3. So for the past week I have gone through the exact same process...Drop a good 10-50BB and then grind my way back to a BB or less win. I have been stuck within the same dollar though increasing it everyday...fun times.
  4. Past two days I have found a way to drop at least 30-50BB to start the session and spend the rest of the session getting it back to post a quality 3BB victory on the day. Awesome.
  5. Thread has been kinda dead lately...everybody on a losing streak?
  6. I dont know of a better feeling then to drop a good 40BB in 30 hands only crawl your way back to even.
  7. This somewhat sums up my thoughts...without neteller its all about finding people to trade (stupid govt.). I dont particularly want to combine rolls because I like being able to switch sites if I feel like I am running bad on one. Might be worth just thinking of them as separate rolls for now.
  8. How do yall handle having your roll on two different sites? I have roughly 150BB for the next limit on both stars and ftp so I basically could start taking some shots at the higher limit, but a daily swing could put me under 100BB on either site...is it worth waiting until you have at least 200BB or just play and dont worry about it?
  9. He did seem a bit fishy, but then again...I wouldnt know any better in most spots.
  10. What a sick evening...dropped 20 on stars...and made about 50 on ftp...nearly rolled for the next level....had a couple beers so I threw a movie on with the wife and quit poker for the day...want to make sure I dont screw this one up.
  11. So are all the crazies out right now? Just had an insanely swingy session with a solid 40-50BB downswing at its high point. Somehow ended up 3BB after all was said and done. Wont talk about my results overall, but I am happy right now.
  12. Not that I want good players in my game, but if you are going to play without rakeback...I would be playing at stars over ftp. There are to many "good" players that are at FTP because of the rakeback where as those players at stars generally aren't as in the loop to know about rakeback and are generally poorer players.
  13. UTG was pretty active in the hands so I am not very worried about him having the flush. I dont plan to go through life folding getting 25-1 with top two so I call this.
  14. Does nobody post during the day? Some of us are bored at work.
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