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  1. You are too FUNNY CINCIKID, ban me but then you must be a little bit worried about it yourself if your little MY SPACE SITE has this in your recent blog entry:"The current Neteller fiasco is kind of scaring me a little. I'm lucky to have no money currently on Neteller and it's probably gonna have to stay that way. Unfortunately, this ****s up my plans as I'd planned to have my rakeback deposited on Neteller and withdraw it from there with the Neteller card, which is supposed to be in the mail for me right now. That doesn't look like an option and I really feel bad for all the people with thous
  2. Sometimes saying "I TOLD YOU SO" is so sweet, and in this regard, to all the people that flamed me, told me "you are a retard", and went into the personal degarding comments - To these people, I hope you lost your asses for being total jerks and retards when someone was just trying to be informative and save you some headaches and some heartaches (for those of you who had a bundle of money tied up on these sites and are not going to be able to get their money out). To those of you who listened and pulled your money out and/or were cautious and listened to my warning - GOOD FOR YOU....and to th
  3. Daniel: I just want to say that I think how both of you (you and Joe R.) handled this situation was amazing, especially not being around each other to handle it personally - Not publically through a blog.Additionally, you didn't let the morons on this site and others (I am talking about JUST the people that ONLY respond to stir the "pot" and try to get everyone riled up about these type of things) fuel the fire and blow things even more out of proportion.You amaze me at how you transcend most of the bull---- that goes on in the celebrity/poker world and also how you have shown us an intimate v
  4. Daniel and Forum/website administrators:This is a service that my company supplies at a very nominal fee for several sites such as yours. We do dictation or transcription of many important political speechs into V-cast or other things for the hearing impaired and would be more than happy to contract with your site if you are interested in offering this wonderful service for the hearing impaired. What basically we do is we type all the transcript of your blog and then you run it as a "ticker-tape" on the bottom of your blog, basically like script in a foreign film transcribed into English. Plea
  5. I know what QFT means from posting on here and the nice glossary that someone put up, but why can't someone take a few minutes to put a response to a thread that is meaningful, instead of bumping their post count with "QFT" or one word answers. It would be nice to know why they agree with the poster or disagree or why QFT, just not typing three letters to up their post count, thus why I said meaningless......
  6. OPTION 1 - OPTION 1 - OPTION 1!!!I have been on this forum for a few years now and am not a newcomer, however, I have a relatively low number of posts, especially starting new threads. I have met a lot of great people on this forum, however, I have noticed that THANKS TO THE IDIOTS on here, it has gotten so bad that some people who really have a lot to say don't post here anymore. They are afraid of being ridiculed, maligned, and/or disrespected. The last post I started (about getting your money off line because of the ban) I got so many emails and PM's in response asking me questions about it
  7. It is amazing to me how many people get flamed and personally degraded when they start a topic or reply with something that irritates a few and actually causes a well-informed discussion by others. I never claimed to know when this was all going down, what exactly the timeline was going to be, etc. etc. All I said is that as of October 1, 2006, the FBI are starting to track online transactions (deposits/withdrawals) for this impending bill that is going to be passed regardless of how and where we lobby against it. Everyone knows it is going to pass, why do you think it is getting so much press
  8. To the people on here that are actually listening, which I see are quite a few, the bill doesn't technically make online gambling illegal, the problems is not that you are going to be in trouble playing no money on line and playing at UB.net, it is where you have money involved and the banks, either offshore or on, have not given the government their due. Why do you think that the lobbyist, foreign and domestic, have been lobbying against not having this put in the same bill, as the bill is SOUND, that is why it is going to pass. So the previous poster above when he said it was not illegal to
  9. IQ CRASH - You crack me up and boy does your post sound true to your form:Your last two posts were :"Your ex sounds like a real whore. So... what's her number?..."Two chicks at once, wow"You obviously don't have problems with women's opinions, because you never get close enough to hear them, as they all DETEST you, that is why the only way you get off is by watching your AVATAR. So once you get your IQ back, let us know how much you lost in your bankroll, but frankly, my post was to protect those that have something to loose, I don't think there is a site tha worries about bankrolls under 40 c
  10. Lastly, if you believe this can happen and want to know more, then PM me, however, if you are just going to FLAME, call me a retard, on and on, well then I can't wait to see you crying in a few months.....Ask some of your poker pros, if they will be honest, they have been approached by these same people and FBI and told what and how this law is going to impact them owning these sites if they are doing business with offshore money and also how it is going to impact them regardless. They have just been unwilling/not wanting to talk about it until the other shoe falls, they will loose millions of
  11. These are both very good questions. As far as from gambling from October 2006 onward, you are taking your bankroll in your own hands, but at any point, they can come and confiscate, not only your bankroll, your computers, your software, any gains that they can prove that you have gotten through internet gambling, etc. They are using the same regulation standards as though utilized in drug cartels, where they can take everything. Granted, most all of us are on/were on small scales, but I don't think that is going to matter to you if you loose your $400.00 on line or your $40,000 and then have f
  12. Not that I want to start pandemonium, but I know through having several contacts involved in state gaming that in turn are putting pressure on the federal government, then my FBI friend told me that as of October 1, 2006 the FBI is tracking all off shore banking/internet gaming sites, including all players and all money transactions made through legal or illegal means (i.e. Neteller, Fire Pay, Visa, MC, etc.).Visa/MC has known about this for some time and have cracked down on letting their funds be used for internet gambling. Anyway, heed this warning, as I am a friend to all who are on this s
  13. Well, let's put it this way, I would put this brilliant educated man on a list at the top of the men that I would consider going out with, as his mind would stimulate me beyond belief. It is so nice to be able to go out with someone that actually has something to say, not all you retards here who have nothing better to do then flame each and every person and try to make new people wanting to learn about poker feel like idiots. It would be great if this was the site that Daniel actually designed to talk about poker, sports, even politics and religion, but I dont see how that continually efferve
  14. Thoughts and prayers coming your/their way from the southwest corner of Colorado. You are a good caring friend and person to risk the idiot flamers on this site, and from those of us who are not like that, we send our best and may God be with you and your friends and your friend and his family. It sounds like he was wonderful man and is in a far better place...
  15. I was angry with this guy the other night who was making some really donk calls playing everything all the way to the river, and I finally hit an incredible full house and broke his bank, when the dealer was passing me the pot I said:"I slapped him to sleep now send me my peeps....."
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