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  1. I'm a former mid level brick and mortar player who had good success live. But now because I have no time to make it to the boat I'm trying my game on stars. I have already donked off a quick hundred, I need your help with online play. So questions, how many of you are using some form of a holdem management system? How hardcore do you track you stats? What are your most successful games? Whats the best site to be on? Am I a sucker for playing sit and go's. All these young internet pros Im reading about say they all got better using some sort of poker forum. So I will give it a go. Also what is
  2. I didnt know they let canadian's play in WSOP, who knew
  3. Wow this was a bad show, but how bout that friday night bingo show oh yeah!
  4. I just came back from vegas and this place is heaven! I'm from chicago and at majestic we have to wait for fills all the time, they have chip runners. We have the worst food on earth which we cant even eat in the poker room, they have room service direct to the table. We have OK floor people, they have the best. And when you need some relaxation they have women giving messages. The atmosphere is so great with Barry, DN, Eli, and Cunningham in the same room is just awesome. I dont expect NW Indiana to be on the same level, it is just nice to be in a place where they get it right. This is truly
  5. who can live off 1k a month, it's more about your hourly rate anyway
  6. maybe b/c wednesday is sloppy joe day
  7. Yeah I was going to move to detroit, but i picked beruit instead because it's safer there
  8. whats 2+2? And I'm not looking for the # 4
  9. Thats the plan, I will be there all next week.
  10. I saw the show and read Children Inc. has gotten over 20K in Barry's name since the show. But who started this phrase. And yes I checked the search.
  11. Anybody know the blind stucture in this event? Also how do you like it?
  12. everybody please zach johnson when going out to the tucson area
  13. teck i like the picture of those tiggo's
  14. Is this room as great as I have been told? Anyone one what NL game they have there?
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