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  1. NWP FishGroup IconGroup: MembersPosts: 10Joined: 4-October 07From: nyMember No.: 5,515 anyone? chad batista? ranked number one on pocketfives
  2. what you guys think?? which is the best season??
  3. whats jamie gold screen name???
  4. jamie gold is playing?? whats his screen name
  5. can anyonw run a quick list of all the top pros still left in the tourny ??? would reallly appreciate it... And there SCREEN NAMES !!! PLEASE
  6. who the heck are those guys?????????????? anyonw know those guys ???i'm talking wpt champs and wsop champs
  7. who are the top pros left in the event?? whats daniel screen name???
  8. Seat 5: jony_Chan27 showed [3s 8h 7s Ah 3h 2s 4h] and lost with a pair of **********************************************************PokerStars Game #5473050327: 7 Card Stud Limit ($0.04/$0.08) - 2006/07/06 - 15:34:49 (ET)Table 'Ulla' 8-maxSeat 1: Turnierbernd ($1.55 in chips) Seat 2: jteebo ($1.73 in chips) Seat 3: irishlad13 ($0.29 in chips) Seat 4: The Ole One ($3.20 in chips) Seat 5: jony_Chan27 ($1.18 in chips) Seat 6: Nikita112 ($0.55 in chips) Seat 7: suzki2 ($5.52 in chips) Seat 8: card2219 ($1.67 in chips) Turnierbernd: posts the ante $0.01jteebo: posts the ante $0.01irishlad13: posts
  9. http://thepokerbay.org ??????????????? its back ...sortof
  10. anyone know what happen?? it says the site is down???it says:This site has been suspended.
  11. http://www.pokernews.com/news/2006/4/party...aris-hilton.htm
  12. Anyone have a recording of this?????*****************************************Online Cash Game Sets New Records$200 - 400 NL Internet Cash Games Reaches $800,000Freddie Deeb and Johnny Lodden battled it out last night at the Prima Network with over $800,000 sitting on the table between the two of them.After over 8 hours of play on the $200/400 No Limit Heads Up table at the Prima Network Freddie Deebs (Fast_Freddie) accumulated over $700,000 on his side while Lodden had around $80,000. Johnny Lodden (bad_ip) was the big loser for the night.This high stakes game started out with $80,000 on the
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