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  1. Count me in if you get it up and runnin :-)
  2. You see when the Nucks play the Oilers 3 games in a row over 5 days? I think we could see some bad blood by the time the third game comes around. I don't like this new setup. Should be playing all the Eastern teams once at home and once away and then work out the Western Conference for the remaining 50? games. Seems kind of excesive to be playing division rivals 8 times a season. Anyone else agree or am I on my own here?
  3. Nice Win! Deck was hitting you in the face at the right time thats for sure. :-) Very Nice.
  4. Come on you thought I would draw to 4 outs? Even in a freeroll I'm not that stupid. Give me some credit. Do I have complete Donkey written across my forehead? On Second thought Don't answer that. :-)
  5. Figured I'd give it another shot.2nd hand I get :hearts10: :heartsa: and raise it to 75 3 caller flop comes :heartsk: :spadesj: :hearts9: I check UTG+1 bets 150 all callturn comes :clubsq: I bet out 375 UTG+1 calls 2 foldsRiver :clubs9: I bet 400 all in he calls turns up :diamondsq: :spades9: for the runner runner full house. This tourney just isn't for me. :wall: And yes I probably should have just gone all in on the turn. meh..Anyone else playin?
  6. Hinton, AB T7v 1J3figured you could use another Canadian.
  7. WEAK TIGHT If your not willing to put your money in there stop playing poker.
  8. vivid imagination brilliantMore like vivid memory?.Anyone can quote sitcoms.
  9. Was your new thing posting the same topic twice?*Didn't read topic*
  10. Alcohol Age is 18 fooos.Well at least it is in Alberta.
  11. "Very frequent player"Saddest.title.ever?Sweet deal if you can get in though. Just made a deposit and applied.What are the perks?The pay you 1 1/2 the big blind of whatever game you play up to 12 dollars an hour for every hour you play.
  12. "Very frequent player"Saddest.title.ever?Sweet deal if you can get in though. Just made a deposit and applied.
  13. I was under the impression that GG was a rock garden?Might have to deposit just to play some triple draw though.
  14. Brag Post?wow you found a fish on party?!?UNBELIEVABLE!! :roll:
  15. I now PokeRound sucks. I also know there are 24 hours in a day.Impressive... I know.
  16. Definelty a worthless site...That being said I hope I can withdraw my money. :-)Between this and that BJ thing thats a nice little 300 dollar boost to the BR.
  17. Sadly I'd say a majority. Definetly worth the read.
  18. And you believe him?Fool you once shame on him. Fool you twice shame on you.
  19. http://www.notpron.comGreatest thing of all time. I'm at 37. I'll give a cookie to the first person to catch me.Gunna start on that next site as well. Love these things.
  20. Don't you guys regularly reformat anyway? I don't have Norton or anything of the like and I (as well as almost everyone on here I hope) use firefox and reformat every 3-4 months. Never had a problem with anything. ANYWAY I would just delete AIM and start from scratch. No harm no foul.
  21. At the very least threads like this explain the insanely high post counts of relative idiots.
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