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  1. From what I remember they can't talk about other players having their sloppy seconds either. http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/...st-burrows.aspxCanucks snub HNIC after Ron Mcleans ridiculously unwarranted rant about Burrows last week. Not sure this has any effect on anything but will be interesting to see if it continues.
  2. Actually it doesn't. The fact that it doesn't was kind of a key point last year too. Dead is dead.
  3. Bringing this thread into the new decade! Big game tonight. Win gives us the division lead alone.Let's see Burrows go for hat trick #3 tonight!GO CANUCKS GO!
  4. Filmed in my hometown! Saw the cast (Rampage,Biel,Cooper) at the bar a couple times. Still no chance I will ever watch it.
  5. Replaying Mass Effect in preparation for ME2. I forgot how much I loved this game. Am getting pretty hyped now.
  6. Finally got to 70 in MW2. I think I'm almost done with it though. Will have to play around with the AK for a bit but can't see putting in too much more time. Never played COD4 and started this one with a KD around .60 for the first 15 hours or so. As of now I'm at .96 and should make it back to 1 before I quit. Might be crappy for some of you out there but for me to get back to 1:1 after my horrible start I am extremely happy with that.
  7. Go into DG big this year but will not be going back out until the Spring at this point. -20 and a foot of snow is not conducive to DG. At the peak of this year I was going almost daily and my lowest score was +3. I've been throwing a beat up old Valkyrie on drives but it has gotten to the point that it is so destroyed and taco'd I can't even begin to predict it's flightpath. Will be looking for a new driver and possibly a different mid range when it starts to warm up.
  8. Going to see it ripped tonight. Will report tomorrow!
  9. I'm a ridiculous Scrubs fan. But this new season is a bad idea and was from the start. The first 2 episodes did nothing to change my mind.
  10. I suck at MW2 multiplayer. I am now finally getting better and finishing most rounds in the 12/10 range. Too bad I'm 500 kills in the hole to get back to a 1.00 KD ratio. :/
  11. I know I'm going to get flamed. Or more likely ignored But the airport level in MW2 really did not sit well with me. I know that you can skip it and it's just a game and blah blah blah. I'm not saying it should not have been included. I just really didn't like it. The slow pace of it. Just everything. Really bothered me. OMO
  12. I've put 40 hours into Dragon Age in 8 days. It's kind of addicting. Got MW2 in on Friday but not sure if I'll even plug it in. I think I'm probably the only gamer in the world who hasn't played or beaten the original Modern Warfare. Although I guess it''s just a shooter. Not like I'm missing out on any huge story element right?
  13. Kevin Bieksa is playing on the first line tonight.It's THAT bad for injuries in Vancouver.
  14. We received it in today up in Canada so not too shocking someone has it down there already. Will be plugging it in sometime tonight. Also trying to find time to play Demons Souls. But with DA:O now here... I just don't see it happening
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