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  1. Ballon guy,I'm pretty sure DN is suppose to answer the questions...
  2. This forum has died. As you can tell by my member number I have been here since the start. I once checked in with FCP many times a day for the latest poker info. Most posters worth their salt have moved on. I'm completely bored and gave it a look tonight.
  3. Good run bro.....I was Aceplayer........pay raise
  4. WhatArunAA, Maybe you have told the story in an older thread, but what is your story? Why ya moved to Vegas? Why ya left? etc....
  5. Agree, I'd hit this place several times a day a few years ago, now once in a blue moon...2+2 is where it is...
  6. This is an example of why the Smith And Wesson revolver and later the Glock 9MM was invented.
  7. PokerFan


    How does anyone have this many post?....LSD? Crack?
  8. It has been so long ago that I signed up I don't remember.
  9. Cardplayer.com had the 4th installment of "The Scoop" with guest Billy Baxter. While this maybe a generational thing since I have not seen a thread on this here or on 2+2, it was very entertaining to hear him talk poker, Stu Unger, sports betting and fixing boxing matches. When I was younger (47 now) I did not care of history or stories however listening to him was enjoyable...give it a listen, cardplayer.com
  10. After I read DN OP I was going to reply it was just a cover to rip PH. But after his follow up post, it is refreshing to see a guy tell it like it is, He is dead right on this post and If I was in the poker bizz I'd have heart burn about UB, PH and AD too...Good for you Danny....
  11. Since I refuse to ever use the search fucntion I'm not sure if this has been posted but it's awesome..http://cgi.ebay.com/DANIEL-NEGREANU-Collec...=item5637a4454c
  12. Does it seem the people that joined first post the least?
  13. Thanks, Funny you mention 1-3 nl...the talk at one of my tables was the 1-1 nl $100 max game they now have. a local at one of my tables said they just started it. why I have no idea.
  14. Ok, Here is my trip report after nobody had any advice for a Saturday Atlantic City Tourney.I'd never been to AC so online I find Bally's has a $60+15 tourney at 1:00pm. on saturdays. I get to Ballys about an hour early sign up and throw down a bagel and notice that this casino is where very old cocktail waitresses come to finish a career.101 players sign up top 10 are paid. $90 for 10th little over 2k for 1st.Starting bell goes off and I'm at a tight table with the exception of the middle eastern guy to my dead right who's plan is to play ATC and over bet the c-bet hoping to buy it there. 4th
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