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  1. Hey guys, its been some time since ive last posted in the forum. Well like the title says, im picking up and moving from NY to Las Vegas.( leaving NY Sept 2) Its a big move for me and im nervous of course and excited at the same time. I have a friend im going to be staying with, but outside of that one person, i will be a stranger in a strange land ( well not that strange, ive been out to vegas numerous times lol ). Ill be looking to go to dealing school and hopefully get a job in that market (casino games, not poker dealing ), ive already talked to some schools out there and got some good in
  2. Well, being from NY, i actually know this guy, played a couple of tournaments with him at foxwoods, AC .... played at the same table as him, right after a couple of his Big Scores.... Actually was pretty level headed and didnt have an ego.... nice guy and funny.... surprised he went down that road, but i guess everyone has a breaking point.... hopefully everything works out for him
  3. ive played in a few of these..... Harrahs was a mad house last year for the 300 dollar event.... i didnt really like the structure for that event... too few chips, not enough time for the blinds, got to be a crapshoot real fast..... played in ceasars last year... better structure.... i didnt do much in that event, pretty card dead... but my friend cashed in it ( 500 dollar event ) for 3600 ( think he finished 13th or something like that ) i prefer the wpt prelims myself.... but ill probably be down there when the events are going off...
  4. ----Was at Game 4 of the World Series between the yanks and the diamondbacks, where tino hit a game tying homer with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th and Jeter hit the game winning homerun in the bottom of the tenth..... Byung Yung Kim crouching on the pitchers mound was priceless.... and the eruption was unreal, by the way, that was 2001, a few weeks after 9/11 Amazing----- 2006 i was out in vegas for almost 2 weeks and actually didnt gamble nor play poker for 2 days of the 13 days i was out there lol
  5. your right about the asians.... lol.... the jewish people on the other hand, little tougher to guess sometimes lol... thanks for the good wishes, hopefully it goes as well as my last trip down there a couple of weeks ago when i chopped a tourney at the showboat ( slight brag post lol )
  6. Its been awhile since ive posted on here, but i wanted to wish everyone a Merry X-mas and a happy holiday. I dont have much in the way of family so not much in the way of plans either, so my brother and i decided to head down to AC christmas eve til the 26th so was just curious if i was the only sad person at the casino during the holidays lol..... anyway, like i said, Merry X-mas and happy holidays. Wish us luck, hope there are some tournaments going down.Chris
  7. Didnt read though all of these pages but... i just started playing these steps today after watching my friend play, love the format actually.... decided to buy straight into the step 3, first attempt came in 5th for a retry in the step 3, 2nd attempt won it, onto step 4, 1st attempt, win that, and now i am onto step 5 .... hopefully 2 more and on we go.............
  8. Hey, not all of us NY'ers are "asshats" at the poker table lol...... some of us are actually light hearted like the rest of the poker community. As for this discussion, i agree with the show one show all rule. but i dont agree with the i want to see your hand after winning the pot, like a lot of people said on here, its just plain rude, you won the pot, take it down, you'll be in more hands with me shortly to see what i play and what i show down. Be Patient lol. also, the dealer who told the player "this isnt the internet buddy" was right on point. Its not the dealers job to
  9. sounds good, too bad im not a journalism major..... wouldnt mind giving it a shot though and helping out
  10. Physical tells are always there with people who are just starting out playing this game, one of the biggest amt tells is when they hit their money card and instantly look at their chips like they may not still be there lol. In my opinion though, Betting tells are the biggest tell your ever going to get, i make more money and save more money just by picking up on someones betting tells then anything else i pick up on, so i would focus more on picking up betting tells then waiting to see if someone licks their lips before raising or slowly caressing their elbows when the river card hits. Betti
  11. I have 2 screen names that come to mind that were pretty funny...... Fl8mebtch on UB and Fulltilt --- had both sites tell him to change his screen name after 6 months Erikeverhard on PP == he stopped playing Pretty funny screen names, sometimes took people a little bit to get the fl8mebtch one...
  12. Being someone who goes to Foxwoods all the time, i can offer you some help. I am almost 30 ( turn 30 in 2 weeks ) i look really young for my age, i get carded all the time. I have a 21 yr old friend who goes with me to foxwoods often, he has never been carded, so..... i guess my answer is, if you look older, then the guards probably wont bother you, but, if you look like your 20/21, then expect to get carded, i guess thats kinda of one of the positives of AC, ive never been carded there nor have i ever really seen guards standing watch at the edge of the gaming floor. One thing i agree with,
  13. Well i agree she looks pretty good in the pics, but seeing her in person at the WSOP, she looked way too frail , almost like a swizzle stick..... too much make up, i almost wanted to bring her a plate of Fries or something. But, she does take a good pic though
  14. Road House --- great movie"I'll get all the sleep i need when im dead"
  15. I think it was a terrible fold, that player would of made the same raise with AQ or AJ, the fact that he happened to have 5/8 was just a really lucky guess on your part. Next time try not to be so Weak/Tight. I have seen some people on here say some really moronic things like, i always raise with AK, its a premium hand. Yes it is, but there is such a thing as mixing up your play, good players will get a read on you really fast if you always play certain hands in the same fashion everytime, there are some good players playing 1-2 NL live, not all of them are donks.another thing, chip stacks a
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