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  1. thats good its picked up...now i have to figure out where the hell THIS channel is on my tv. I dunno how i feel about 1 hr episodes though....unless they plan on showing 2 back to back each night or something
  2. happy hour promotion they're running...play at a table with a next to it and you get 2 or 3x the ftp points...the details are in the my promotions tab
  3. More action than either of the Canadian casinos in the falls (although ive only been to fallsview once) Its a nice room, 1-2NL, 2-5NL, 2/4,3/6 limit, 3/6O8 games are running round the clock. theres usually a few bigger NL games goin on (5/10+) as well. They run SNG's usually as sattelites to something else, but the structures are super fast.
  4. whats the deal with this 'pot of gold' promotion...i dont see anything in my player admin. has it started yet?
  5. February Results:22,300 Hands +$402.65 From Cash Games....$50-75 from sng's & tourneys +$150 ish from Rakeback +$75 from BonusGoals from Feb:20,000+ hands check! a touch over 22,300 for the monthat least Silver in ftp's iron man 2 for 2! Made silver & was able to give myself a few days off at the end of the month.Keep rebuilding the bankroll... to hopefully $1500+ by month end. 3 for 3! $1510 as she currently stands, even after $100 or so in transfers to a friend.MARCH GOALSat least 20k hands again this month.Hit at least silver, but aim for Gold in FTP's iron man since i'l
  6. for anyone thats played...can you tell me how to get the HH's into pokertracker....its not workin out for me over here right now
  7. just signed up to the site thru suited's RB site....a few questions before i actually deposit...(sorry if they're already somewhere in this thread)At what rate does the deposit bonus clear? -----Edit: Nv'm this one, found it in the FAQAre hand history's compatable with poker tracker?Whats the master plan to get players (read: fish) to the site...rather than just fcp/p5's/2+2'ers?
  8. This is true...thats how FTPDoug explained it on 2+2
  9. they've played a lot....ivey is the only one seda plays.
  10. im sure seda isnt anyone we've heard of....he doesnt seem to be that good, and ivey really looks foreward to playing him
  11. After a disasterous end to 2007, January was pretty much "Prove to myself I still know how to play" month.Results:All 25NL and 30NL25,200 hands+ $531 from playing goot +$200 year end bonus +160 or 70 in rakebackGold "Iron Man" Status at FTP February Goals20,000+ handsat least Silver in ftp's iron manKeep rebuilding the bankroll... to hopefully $1500+ by month end.
  12. Amen....they hype these guys for the show and talk about how they're not scared to gamble so high...then we get to watch each hand run 5x and people negotioate insurase for 10 mins. Id rather lower stakes and better poker.
  13. I had a feeling Jamie Gold being moved to his table would turn DN's day around lol
  14. anyone know how he did approx?
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