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  1. Not as of 2 mins ago when I checked..
  2. May Results...About +3K in Mtt's...About -3K in cash....June Goals..Continue to run well in Mtt's...Clear my points on Titan so I can cash out and put some on FT and get my roll going there again..Never touch a cash game..
  3. Get ready to rinse and repeat for awhile. We all have..50 here, 50 there.. And for the large majority, they will continue to do this..
  4. When you called with this hand, what were you hoping to hit? To me, and I am far from an expert, if you are going to play with these hands, you just flopped the world for it, shove and enjoy the ride. If you don't want these decisions and to put yourself at risk on a draw, simply don't play these hands.
  5. I will agree that Welland and St Kitts blows.. Are you coming on a weekend? If so be prepared to wait and get thier number and call ahead of time. The old Casino is 1/2NL, and is actually a grind it out nit fest.. The Fallsview 2/5 and 5/5 is action pact, everyone thinks thier playing in the WSOP city. If you play tight and solid its a great game. Hooters in the falls blows, there is always the Manderin in St Kitts, or something along the ling of Kelsey's there.
  6. I know when I first started playing NLH, I used everything from poker spy, pokeracehud.. etc.. Are there any good programs to keep up with personal stats, etc...
  7. Any good? Was thinking of heading over the border after I put some time in at the Fallsview tonight.. Limit, NL? I heard they have SNG's there as well.
  8. Thanks for the replies, he did have AK.. For those that were wondering, I know I totally botched the hand, I must admit that is the first time in a long while that I had no plan on what to do with the hand after I seen the quads. I was hoping for the non heart river so I could overbet so it could look like a missed flush. Then when the heart hit I had no clue what approach to take and just checked.. so blah.. lol
  9. For starters, I know I played this horrible.. Or Atleast I think I did...2/5 NL at the Fallsview casino this morning...Bought in for 200, roughly doubled up with aces 4th hand in, so stack is around 370ish..Dealt 2 2 UTG, I limp, UTG + 3 raises to 30 everyone else folds, I call.Flop : 2 K 2 ( 2 hearts )I check, he bets 35, I call.Turn : Ace of spades I check, he bets 60, I call River : 9 of hearts I check, he checks.. Raise the turn? If so how much.. The river check was horrible.. First time flopping quads without 3 on board, so really had clue how to play it.
  10. If you look hard enough you can find them all online anyways....
  11. Brantford the 2/4 and the 5/10 limit games are where people chat it up and have a good time, the 10/20 and the 20/40 noone says much and everyone seems pissy. I am sure the higher ones are as well, but I have not played those...
  12. And can cause you to tilt and drink/smoke alot more.
  13. Wish I could, I will prob be there early Monday morning..
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