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  1. So realistically how soon until US players receive their money? Also if i withdrew a chunk a few days before Black Friday but obviously never received that money will that withdrawal re-enter my full tilt balance?
  2. Stupid WNBA game, this game better not go into overtime!
  3. Pretty brutal that he missed draws 3 separate times for the win, good showing nonetheless, Rast played great as well.
  4. You can't be serious? Discounting the 2 FT's that Dirk shot for various technicals, he shot a whopping 3 more total FT's than Durant in Game 1. Not only that but OKC shot more total FT's by a decent margin. How could you possibly construe this game as the "Mavs getting calls". In fact while they called ticky tack stuff away from the ball on both ends not one of Dirk's shooting fouls was phantom, you certainly couldn't say the same for Durant in Game 1. Since the Mavs won tonight I won't gripe too much about the officiating in game 3, but safe to say that it was unbalanced to say the least
  5. That is good to hear. I have tried to use the live chat feature a few times but they are always offline when I try, perhaps I am trying at the wrong times of day? Do you remember what time of day you were able to use the live chat feature? Thanks for the help.
  6. How is the action on RPM for cash games? Do they offer any deposit bonuses?
  7. Have any of you guys been able to make contact with Carbon support? I tried depositing with my Visa the other day but was declined on multiple attempts even though I've never had issues depositing with this card on other online sites. Now when I try to deposit using the Western Union method it says that i'm no longer eligible for the RBNATION2000 code which gives u a 200% bonus on your first deposit. Apparently failed deposits somehow count as a first time deposit? Ive emailed them multiple times in the last few days with no response so far despite their claim of getting back to me in 4-8
  8. I can play right now on Full Tilt for the time being, but can't withdrawal, transfer, or even look at my transaction history.
  9. Wow WTF, is this for cash games as well or just tourneys? Also is Full Tilt currently incorporating the same blockade of USA players?
  10. Great games so far, fun getting drunk while watching these exciting finishes! Pretty peeved though, picked Morehead in a few brackets but couldn't find the cajones to do it on the money bracket, and had Richmond until I inexplicably decided to change my bracket right before the games!
  11. Tx for the invite, bracket made and ready to go, go Tarheels!
  12. I'm disconnected as well, several people on 2+2 are reporting the same issue, but for whatever reason a fair amount of people seem to have not been disconnected.
  13. Sorry, must have missed the mention of the dates in the OP, Sunday should work fine for me.
  14. I would also be interested in this, depending on the schedule of the tourneys obviously, thanks for setting this up.
  15. If this is true (I'm still skeptical on the validity of this as well), I really hope they will allow players to self ban themselves from the casino games. As others mentioned, one of the reasons i enjoy playing on FTP and Stars is that they offer poker only. Blackjack has always been a vice of mine and had several tilty sessions foolishly playing blackjack when it was available on Party Poker back in the day.
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