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  1. Well they added a 1200/2400 400 level.
  2. Structure has been released. They added a 25-25 level for both events.$1000http://www.wsop.com/2011/structuresheets/11492-structure.pdf$1500http://www.wsop.com/2011/structuresheets/11487-structure.pdf
  3. OK, done. So far I have 7 on the list. Any1 interested, PM and I will add you to the OP.
  4. $1000 event starts you off with 3k in chips 60 min levels$1500 event starts you off with 4.5k in chips 60 min levels. No problem man. You did an excellent job last time. Went back and edit it out.
  5. If we get 40 players at $110 then we can give away two $1500 seats and $700 for traveling expenses. Also there will be 10 tourneys at $1.10 to register for.So the total investment would be $122. Any money won in the $1.10 tourneys you can keep.
  6. We can give home games a try. I created Club #207972.Initation Code:
  7. FCP Bob we need someone who everyone would trust with the money. Would you like to take the honors? If anything we can send on Paypal that way we don't have to deal with the problem cashing out like last time. If we use paypal, it must be sent as money owed or a gift that way there is no fees associated with the transfer. This method does not allow charge back either. We can set up a 10 week tourny with a $1 buyin on Stars.1. deadlysyns2. Diamonddixie3. ThePhoenix884. TrueAce135. Carlito786. wsox8
  8. Well lets start up an interest list. I started this thread so I guess I will organize it. We can pull ideas from the last one run and make some changes also.1. deadlysyns
  9. If sending by paypal, you can send it as a gift or money owed and there will not be any fees applied.
  10. What is with your attitude??? There are certain members on here people trust transferring money over to handle this type of sat.Here is the old thread.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...1500+Wsop+Seats
  11. We had over 40 players last time with alternates.
  12. Interest List. PM me if you are interested and I will add you to the list. Just pulling ideas from the last time. It will be a 10 week tourney on Sunday. Hopefully we can give away two seats with travel expenses to either a WSOP $1000 or $1500 event. Will use the Home Game on Pokerstars which will track our points for us. Buyin for each tourney will be $1.10 and any money won you can keep. Total cost will be $100-$150 depending on how many players we get and what event we decide on. I would like to keep it around the $100 range. 1. deadlysyns 2. Diamonddixie 3. ThePhoenix88 4. TheN
  13. So how do you pay out? At the end of session?
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