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  1. hi everyone...just letting you all know that at 7:13 this morning, weighing 8 lb 5 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long, Emily Len Gyger was born.
  2. thank ya...getting closer and closer to baby time. extremely nervous and excited.
  3. yeah, i got a poker dealing job at the venetian...orientation on thursday, still no clue on my start date. just glad to be getting the hell out of the craphole i'm working at now. so much drama and bs for so little money compared to the other places.
  4. hey everyone, just popping in real quick to say that i got a random virus message from allie on MSN, with the message saying something like sorry about earlier, my computer messed up, here's the picture...i don't have her number so if anyone wants to call her and let her know something is screwy, please do.
  5. my first concert was the rolling stones, was about 10 or so. awesome seats.
  6. thanks for the congrats and the shots, everybody. definitely missed you guys now that's not even remotely funny.
  7. then i'll make sure not to let him/her like any chicago teams
  8. wow...bizarre...i post again in the army, and then within an hour after my last post, a bombshell is dropped on me...ang is pregnant.
  9. reunion's over for now, gotta go to work...i'll start hanging around a bit more though. have a good one everybody.
  10. interesting...not at all what i was expecting, but interesting.
  11. so how's everything been in here lately?
  12. i've been around...considered coming back around for the gator games but thought i'd be wise not to step into a firing squad. while i'm disappointed they lost against LSU, it wasn't exactly unexpected.
  13. the hours would be the same as they are now...i'd love it if i didn't have to quit my current job for it, but they don't allow that. yeah, harrah's would be a good way to get into a caesars, harrah's, or rio, but still...it's not a guarantee for anything.
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