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  1. That donkey monitor is solely there to alert Brian to when noataima or Benyamine sit down NLHE.As for the big game, Brian's been stuck a million before I'm sure he'll be able to manage. He's still up a ridiculous amount from his Vegas sessions.
  2. So glad you owned those donkeys, they were making my head hurt. GG sir, congrats on the nice score.
  3. WTF is going on? Like half the table running a solid 50% connection strength
  4. I'm railing obv. Good luck sir, TID! :)edit: Jennings beat me to it. K7 o rly? loool
  5. $6k at 1st break. Unbelievable how bad some of these people are.GL all.
  6. Check out Joao M.'s results on Stars. Just watching the FT, he was not getting out of line at all and if Zimmy thought otherwise I'd love to hear the reasoning behind. I don't think winning players cold call re-raise all-in overbets with JJ -- and QQ would be borderline -- so that's why I put Joao's range what it was.
  7. I know we're 5-handed, but still an UTG raise means something. Then the all-in overbet screams AKo. The kicker here is that Joao is not a donk -- AKs is the bottom of his range. You're going to see AA/KK here such a high percentage of the time. So when he pushes it's a clear fold. He's not some random fishie falling in love with AQ. Some pros swear by the adage that being the 3rd person in the pot with AK is a mistake... taking the 4th action with 2 players all-in... sooted or not, it's not a good call. 2:1 odds are meaningless if you're a 5:1 dog. The absolute only reason this is even slightl
  8. Wow that was a retarded call. Nice river man but **** that was atrocious.
  9. Stop limping. Geez. You're at a big FT, limping hour has long since been over. If you're going to limp, at least limp-re-raise.
  10. TY TY. Exactly what I wanted and just as awesome as I'd hoped. Too funny
  11. Um. Wow. So what were the hands? If you do get the HH that'd be awesome.Here's a gem of Mike Sexton: "Nobody check-raises better than David Sklansky." TY WPT.
  12. TSIA basically. Just looking for a hand history or your story if it was live. I almost want to go try this on penny tables and see if I can do it successfully. XR 3 times would be impressive, but if you also got your opponent to call the river too then you're my hero. I might actually pay you $$$ if you limp-re-raised pre-flop too.
  13. Yes, the people on "that other forum" are all jealous brokeass donks -- because as is common knowledge, PocketFives is home to the worst players around. No member over there has ever even won $1k let alone had it given to them.p.s. -- pitting forum against forum is #1 sign that you are awesome. Go post this on PXF too mkind and you'll triple your awesomeness.
  14. @ commentator's trying to guess hands during HU play. GL dudes
  15. I read too much of this story... especially intrigued because I knew the name "AlphaWice". Looked him up and sure enough I've played with him a few times. This was my note: GG AlphaWice.
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