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  1. If ur downswing is bigger than 71k, my sympathies r with u.
  2. Hard to just move on when this happens 20x per day. I run into aces & kings late in tournies far more then anyone ever should.
  3. I took the last 4 days off before today but all of those good vibes were laid to rest after playing today and having my usual string of disgusting luck all night. OK, great example, literally as I was writing this, this happened:PokerStars Game #10225687449: Tournament #51171105, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2007/06/02 - 00:32:35 (ET)Table '51171105 9' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: maxines dad (3160 in chips) Seat 2: mkind0516 (3550 in chips) Seat 3: aakkari (1545 in chips) Seat 4: arisprodigy (4335 in chips) Seat 5: raysboomroom (1230 in chips) Seat 6: Kassa81 (3420 in
  4. OK, I've had some nasty downswings before but this one is by far the worst. Since April 14th, I have made THREE final tables in tournaments over 100 players, which spans nearly 300 tournaments now. While my bankroll has been shrinking steadily, my confidence and will to play are both basically gone. I used to final table big tournaments w/ a pretty decent regularity. Now, they're about as rare as my birthday. I've reviewed hand histories and studied my play a ton. I think I'm still playing at a high level 3/4 of the time, but my luck has been about as good as Steve Bartman's. I really h
  5. Maybe $800, which is nice considering I'm down 60k the last 2 weeks.
  6. Nope, finished in my usual 11th place (I haven't made a final table since the beginning of time). Playing poker while on life tilt is a bad idea. Especially when you have an amazing ability to always run into AA.
  7. Currently 1/29 in the 100r on Stars, but the road to this point has been sick. Was down to 485 chips, in the BB at 100/200/25 w/ KTs vs AA and I rivered a straight. I actually built all the way up to 50k at 600/1200, after playing perfect short stack poker, before losing a huge pot w/ KK vs QQ AIPF after a K flopped (runner spades obv). I then got caught re-stealing twice and was back to 22k, before winning 2 races w/ 88 vs AK and KTs vs 33. Finally, I won a massive pot AIPF w/ KK vs AKs to double to 110k. I'm now at 104k, looking to pull off a major comeback.
  8. Me 2 only my retardation is over 20 years now...
  9. This isn't even a first time mistake for me. Last summer, I lost 8k in UB BJ out of my then 20k BR. Now, I certainly have A LOT more now, but it's still a very significant loss. It esp. hurts when you're already on a big downswing in poker, as I've been for the last month. I haven't been catching any brekas in tournaments and that lead me to go on super tilt tonight. The results were just ugly.
  10. Actually, I played 7k worth of tournies and had a wonderful $500 worth of cashes, after running sick bad all day (as I have been for much of the last month). After that, I went on severe tilt which lead me to UB blackjack, where I blew 19k. I'm still in total shock over it too. With the amount I've been losing in tournies lately, it's really hard to piss off $19k in blackjack, of all things, esp when I've blown a lot in that game b4.
  11. Full Tilt Poker - Support <support@fulltiltpoker.com> to me show details 5:18 am (5 minutes ago) Hello Jason,Congratulations! You busted Chip Jett in a recent tournament. We will becrediting your Full Tilt Poker account with a bounty prize of $200.We're pleased to send you a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. Toreceive a free t-shirt, you must reply to this email including yourcurrent mailing address and t-shirt size. T-shirts are available in thefollowing sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, or XXXL.Remember, Full Tilt Poker offers a bounty for busting any red proplaying in a scheduled real mone
  12. A lot. Sunday is the worst of all tho because of all the majors & such. I also final tabled the $500 75k guar on UB tonight but was resigned to 10th when my AK lost to 33. Something about AK vs micro pairs tonight...F SUNDAY!
  13. Lol donkaments:PokerStars Game #9448251253: Tournament #47144625, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXIII (20000/40000) - 2007/04/16 - 04:11:05 (ET)Table '47144625 168' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 2: abel (1136198 in chips) Seat 3: mkind0516 (1046591 in chips) Seat 6: uhtutin (1376317 in chips) Seat 7: hooldemfolde (659624 in chips) Seat 9: PrimeTimePkr (525200 in chips) abel: posts the ante 2000mkind0516: posts the ante 2000uhtutin: posts the ante 2000hooldemfolde: posts the ante 2000PrimeTimePkr: posts the ante 2000hooldemfolde: posts small blind 20000PrimeTimePkr: posts big blind 40000***
  14. Me too, lol.It's about ****ing time I got the big win after so many seconds. TY rail for sticking it out. For those of you who are Cardrunners members, I recorded the tourney from the final 4 tables down. Thx again guys!
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