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  1. From Erick Lingren's Twitter"Please root on Erica who is onto day 3 at the wsop. good luck baby. "Do you really say Baby to a friend?Did she divorce David?Dn and Amanda Leatherman?Whats up with that and Joe Sebok dating her too?Poker Drama
  2. why does she remind me of CHINA DOLL from WWEWell for sure they both have man features
  3. All you people fell for it..This is obv. a brag post.
  4. WOW..When I first heard Scotty won.. I thought good for him and hearing DN's vblog about it..(he didnt mention any thing bad, just he was happy a KNOWN PRO won it and that it was important to him that a known pro wins it the first 4 years or so)Then I saw the episodes. I was a Scotty fan..now.. not at all. and nor will I ever will be unless he comes out and saids he is sorry and he was drunk and he didnt know what he was saying AND that he gets help.The kid I think is a good kid and all respect to E-DOg.and of course his wife. Who doesnt think she is in it JUST for the money. All that bling.
  5. DN wins 350k from Patrik. How much does he give Christian for playing out of his mind? -2 over an 18 hole stretch?? NICE ringer.I say DN should break him off 50K for his efforts. Too little sincec Christian didnt put up anything?
  6. John Juanda: i was stuck 440kJohn Juanda: ended up losing 100kJohn Juanda: :-)))John Juanda: not too badJohn Juanda: :-)))John Juanda: lost a Mercedes McClarran then got it back:-)))what a degen//lol
  7. He was flipping 8k a hand with some people then 40k PLO.I think he lost over 300k overall maybe more.maybe he was drunk
  8. those are 1k chips.http://www.pokerroad.com/the_life_of_ivey/22/
  9. Funny how they can easily accept Echecks but they wont let you wire transfer or cash out with checks.
  10. I got this emal from Full Tilt,We wish to inform you of a temporary issue with our payment processor which has affected a small number of recent check withdrawals.If you are affected by this issue and experience any difficulty cashing or depositing your recent check, please rest assured that we are fully aware of the situation and working to resolve it as swiftly as possible. we will contact you when we receive further information on the details of your recent check withdrawal.In the interim, please reply to this email or contact checkquestions@fulltiltpoker.com for clarification and assistanc
  11. WOW.. EDOG went from 27k to 1.8 mill and leader..nice WSOP 2008 EDOG
  12. ill book any amount up to 100$send to duckie143 on full tilt
  13. all odds are from my online sportsbook.I would just put the bet in for you.simple. I would not risk a thing.Is you like to do it yourself, its sportsbook.com
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