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  1. When you got loaded that time at Bellagio and cleaned out your box, did anyone tell you what game you lost it in? It must be a funny story (in retrospect, I mean). Like, did you pull out 70k and sit in at the big game? Or was it like a 300-600 NL lowball game or something crazy? Despite the terror you felt at the time, once you went robusto later you must've laughed at the idea.CT
  2. Flips are the exact same as not doing them. They're neutral EV. If they happen, they're not really happening.
  3. I didn't care for it. One of the best parts of PAD are the stories and talk. I mean, if High Stakes Poker had the same sort of commentating, it'd be great to hear people like Doyle tell the story where he laid down aces full, or hear the entire religion discussion with Chen.I definitely prefer the lack of commentary, but I like it when the table is at least talkative. Lederer discussing that huge asian sportsbetting operation was good, as well as Annie Duke's story about Sam Grizzle attacking David Grey (lol). When you have good stories it works a lot better, but the format of the show is
  4. Hmmm, it seems this forum is actually reasonable now.I was expecting the fanboys to cry like bitches. Ah well.
  5. Yeah, this didn't bother me that much, but I'm sure the hardcore DN fans will wanna get into a frenzy about it.Scott Matusow posted on the "Matusow Truth" blog all this **** about how Daniel only ever wins tournaments by sucking out:"The following hand is a perfect example. Danny should be long gone. I do not think allot of you out there realize that Danny wins all the tourneys he does exactrly in this manner. He usaully gets all his chips in with the worst hand and outdraws people. whereas Mike normally gets all his chips in with the best hand and loses almost all of them. Read below;Daniel N
  6. Everyone who thinks that stupid blog was racist are the dumbest people in the world.Hearing Daniel's mother say "roll up the spliff" was probably the funniest thing I've ever heard.Seriously, **** you guys if you don't like it.Go read some of Daniel's post from RGP, and you'll see how many shits he gives about dumb ****ers that always want to be "politically correct".
  7. That beat broke my heart. I played better than average. I wanted, so badly, to win this thing.
  8. I just smooth called with JJ against another decent sized stack. The flop came AQ and I folded to a cont bet. I know I should probably be reraising in a short stack tourney like this, but is the play okay?Stacks were like 24k with 3/6 blinds 50 ante. Villain raised 4x.
  9. I'd like everyone to know I have no chat. I'm not ignoring anyone.
  10. Here's a poker lesson, kids:When playing a big hand, don't raise so little that you offer irresistable odds.Example:PokerStars Game #8203790809: Tournament #41629532, $25.00+$2.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200) - 2007/01/30 - 21:42:49 (ET)Table '41629532 123' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: KillerCarlsn (4785 in chips) Seat 2: AssBroker (14480 in chips) Seat 3: chuckpalms04 (3595 in chips) Seat 4: profontaine (4965 in chips) Seat 5: hornhiyo (5465 in chips) Seat 6: CloseTwin (9064 in chips) Seat 7: bran80 (7415 in chips) Seat 8: BBBEyes (3065 in chips) Seat 9: rag_rags (5690 in chip
  11. Picked up aces, stacked a shortstack with QQ.Got moved to a new table. Next hand I stack a slightly bigger shortstack with JJ against 99.Up to 9k. Things are looking up.I was almost certain I was going to bust when I was down to 800. Wee!
  12. PokerStars Game #8203024660: Tournament #41629532, $25.00+$2.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2007/01/30 - 20:56:05 (ET)Table '41629532 28' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: AJinOK (8365 in chips) Seat 3: yvon2222 (3670 in chips) Seat 4: slowfoldin26 (2235 in chips) Seat 5: sasha777 (1642 in chips) Seat 6: plonialmoni (4200 in chips) Seat 7: BIGTALKER (3476 in chips) Seat 8: JUSTCOR (1895 in chips) Seat 9: CloseTwin (1997 in chips) plonialmoni: posts small blind 50BIGTALKER: posts big blind 100*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to CloseTwin [5h 5d]JUSTCOR: folds CloseTwin: calls 100AJinOK: fold
  13. Back up to 1300 after flopping a set and getting limited action from a PFR on an A board.Sigh.I drew a shitty *** table.
  14. You're right. I underestimated the last 15vminute rush.
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