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  1. need math help playing 7 stud on stars just lost big hand we both had flushes had to go to fourth card whats the odds of that happening
  2. railing you but only have 108 in acct so cant chat...lol
  3. i won two of those shootouts things into sunday million it got so old having to do that stars needs to revamp it.
  4. I play 4-8 and sometime 3-6 if no seat i just always buy in for a rack with money in pocket but rarely do I have to rebuy. A rack while only 18 bb is usually enough to last at least 1.5 hr playing snug but if you have the cash buy in to 4-8 much easier to get unstuck if you miss some draws or get out drawn. 3-6 i find once im down 50 or more its gonna be a losing night.
  5. http://thepokeratlas.com/state/california/good site with good reviews and tourney info.
  6. The reason why they have a long list is that they will make more off the drop of one BJ table then they will the whole poker room.
  7. I have one two of them, the 2.20. I played in one sunday mill and busted early so i withdrew from second one. I used it for 4 $50 dollar buy ins not much better luck but I had more fun.
  8. funny i have made quads 4 times this week with them.Seat 7: jdquads showed [Qs Qh] and won (3050) with four of a kind, Queens
  9. Has anyone noticed that bodog has stopped taking e-checks. Site claims its a tech problem or is this just the start to the end of my online poker playing.
  10. And dealers never talk out there *** even if it is true who cares its his money and if he wants to be a prick so be it.
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