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  1. Hey anyone who lives in or is familiar with LA. I am going to be there for a conference this wed thru sunday. i was just wondering besides hitting up the bike or other card room, what should i do in LA? Im not familiar with the area and dont have any idea what is really around the UCLA campus, where I will be staying. any tips on things to see or do would be great. also advice on what to stay away from would also be great.thanks
  2. ok then its them not me
  3. anyone having trouble logging in to bodog? when i try it just stalls forever at "logging you in...."
  4. I have to go to UCLA at the end of June. i was wondering where the casinos in CA are in relation to UCLA? easy or hard to get to? sketchy areas?thanks
  5. this is exactly what i did during a recent bachelor party i was at. hilaroius. people complaining about my play all night....i was so drunk i kept trying to rasie it to like 30 or 40 and the dealer kept telling me i could only put in $4....lol. but i walked away a winner for the night so it was good.also visited a BYOB strip club about a 5-10 minute drive from the main strip.....Dancers were not good looking at all.
  6. HAHA......im glad i remember even making that post.
  7. is there anyone who wants to go to foxwoods this weekend? id like to go on sunday.....please let me know. the sooner the better. i dont have a car but id giveyou gas money. i live at the fenway area. let me know yourm plan!
  8. hahaha....Eric Ryland folds here every time! no doubt!
  9. haha.....every day is a rough day at the office. just tired of people's post like this. he played the cards in a manner you wouldnt expect......thats the point! granted in tournies...in the "long run" that may not be the best play.....he played it deceptive and got lucky good for him. give him a nod and move on.
  10. OMG SOMEONE PLAYED AA IN A MANNER YOU WOULD NOT EXPECT!!! HOLY CRAP!!! WHAT AN IDIOT HE IS!!! GET OVER IT! you couldnt have gottern away from the hand after you hit the 3rd 7. move on to the next game.
  11. what monday and tuesday dont have a 4 am?
  12. I need someone to teach me how to win at this damn game. I am playing the worst poker ever. completely lost all feel for the game(if i ever had any). if anyone out there lives in the boston area and actually wins playing poker.....could you help me out? i need someone to work with me on my game.thanks
  13. im interested......let me know whats going on with this.
  14. im not exactly sure what your problem is. But if the website you are trying to put money on uses epassport. than you can use the prepaid visa to set up an epassport account and then transfer the money from the epassport to the website for poker playing purposes.
  15. is there anyway to sign up for rakeback offers at a site (fulltilt) that i am already playing at? most that i see say they are only available for new players.thanks
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