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  1. Standard for him to wake up obv..GG man nice cash.. way to go deep. There's always next MSOP to take down
  2. They should have done it with the Ship it holla balla's IMO
  3. The one who returns without a STD wins!Have fun!
  4. WTFare you dissing norman chad?You must be one of his ex wives.
  5. sorry I didn't post back.Ended up taking 4th for ~200. Played the last 4 so bad, tried bluffing on a huge pot and lost about a 3rd of my stack doing so, then proceeded to make an awful call to bust.Thanks for the support!
  6. Hey everyone. Travisteck on ftpabout 550 to first1/9 currentlyWIsh me luck!Had another FT earlier but busted in 6th hopefully this goes better
  7. Only reason I didn't pick barry is because I don't seem him playing as many events. JC and Deeb will be close but I'm rooting for JC
  8. I guess I'm in the mini ftops KOgl all
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