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  1. I might get flamed for this by I'm ignoring user and reporting every single flame for now on to the moderators King
  2. what a nice feature all of his posts have disappeared
  3. I'd say it was a cooler I watched this guy raise 2 4 off earlier umm its time to use that ignore user option on madkennedy the broke loser
  4. sorry negs ran into AA against most aggro player at the table had a big ace ss
  5. way to ruin this thread flame tard can we say BAN
  6. kennedy gtfo how many steaks have u taken in the last 48 hours 5-10
  7. keep it goin speed cereus was already supposed to have happened hopefully next month
  8. at least I'm smart enough to know when I'm beat Seat 1: Uncletuesday (3460 in chips) Seat 2: garsh48 (1770 in chips) Seat 3: dendog07 (2940 in chips) is sitting outSeat 4: melmak777 (3475 in chips) Seat 5: Valubetbluff (2980 in chips) Seat 6: lunarphase (3190 in chips) Seat 7: capt_trip37 (2465 in chips) Seat 8: fix313 (3290 in chips) Seat 9: jopieono (2940 in chips) fix313: posts small blind 15jopieono: posts big blind 30*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to lunarphase [Td Ts]Uncletuesday: folds garsh48: folds dendog07: folds dendog07 is connected dendog07 has returnedmelmak777: raises 60 to 90Valubetbl
  9. we need cereus speed the prize pools on AP/UB are too small outside the majors but I run well on AP so I'll deal with it
  10. nice 1 speed did the prize pool beat the 6K
  11. tyty lunarphase (norwell) no donking it off this time either. If I go out it will either be cooler or bad beat
  12. my last ditch attempt here is a link to one my threads ton of good pics here
  13. at least I got links I can't figure out how to post pics on this site anymore w/o it saying dynamic code here's birttney
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